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  1. Don at his very best. The crowd standing singing clapping and cheering during American Pie. It was a great night – thank you Don.

  2. En stor oplevelse af opleve Don McLeans koncert i Horsens. Fantastiske sange der blev sunget af en mand der hvilede i sig selv, havde en stor stemme og sublimt guitarspil.
    Tak for oplevelsen

  3. Ever since I went to the concert in Carre in Amsterdam on april 19th I have followed the comments on this site. And I am so very happy to have shared this experience of Don singing solo during this tour. I have become a big fan of Don. What a wonderful man!!

    I really like to follow Don on this tour and read all the experiences during other concerts. I really hope that he will come back to Holland soon, but I also begin to understand that a tour like this must be very exhausting for him, rewarding but exhausting. Take good care, Don!

    It’s a pity that somehow all the comments (23) on the concert in Carre have disappeared from the site, since the date changed in april20 instead of april19. Now it seems there are only 3 commenst from the Carre-concert.

    Admin – all the comments are still here. the main Amsterdam entry has slipped down to page 2 of the site http://www.don-mclean.com/europe2010/?p=22

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