Andrew Marr Show, BBC1 9.00am Sunday

Don McLean appeared on the Andrew Marr show this morning. This is primarily a politics show and Don’s support was David Cameron, who on Friday may become Britain’s new Prime Minister.

Andrew Marr’s brief interview with Don McLean has made the BBC News website front page. Don McLean talked in his usual way about writing American Pie except today his words make headline news.


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  1. Surely Andrew Marr could have curtailed “Posh Boy” Dave for a mere couple of minutes so that Don could of at least sang the last verse of Vincent. Sorry Eton boy, you ain’t getting my vote!!

  2. am i mistaken or is that not Don’s usual guitar – seems Don was the most intelligent guest on the show – should have sung what will the world be like

  3. Am I the only one wondering why, when he has released an album full of wonderful new material, he keeps on performing Vincent which is now nearly 40 years old.

  4. Well, what about: because it’s a beautiful song!
    I attended the concert in Amsterdam and it gave me goose-bumps to hear Don perform Vincent so close to the Van Gogh-museum I recently visited (not for the first time)
    If there’s one song that transcendents time, it’s Vincent.
    O, wait, I suddenly realise you mean why he performed Vincent as only song in a TV-show. Oké that’s worth questionning.

  5. The show’s producer says whether they would like a classic or one from the new album. On Wogan and on Simon Mayo today they wanted both. And today the classic will be Mountains of Mourne (5pm radio 2).

  6. What a legend – Don has never got the coverage here in the UK that he should have.

    Why put Don on a politics show?. Cameron verses McLean – spot the difference?. Only one has ever spoken the truth and will be remembered with love after he’s gone.

    Can’t wait until Fridays concert – good luck Don.

  7. I saw in internet this presentation. He´s still the greatest poet, isn´t? This is one of hundred songs of all times.
    Regards from Brazil, Don. when you´ll sing in my country?

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