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  1. a fan since the early seventies – first time to see Don live, a great night hope to see him again , prehaps in Cardiff next time

  2. Fantastic performance. Probably one of the best I’ve been to, (and I been to a good few). Thank you Don. Roll on your next tour 🙂

  3. Fantastic concert! Lesley Roley sang beautifully, I wish her a successful future.
    Don as usual was wonderful! I travelled from Cardiff with my two daughters – we loved the whole evening. They grew up with Don’s music and my two grandsons will too! I’ve seen Don live in Cardiff, Glasgow. Belfast and Bristol over the years and I agree with Beth he just gets better as he gets older! The backing band were rocking – paticularly Tony!
    Thanks Don and the boys for another brilliant memorable night of music and song – looking forward to the next UK tour – might take annual leave and go to every concert!

  4. Outstanding performance, Don gets better with age. Best version of Crying I have heard for some time.Come back soon!!!!!

  5. A masterful performance from Don & the band in Bristol. A great selection of songs including “Magdalene Lane” -requested from the audience, (and not usually heard in concert I gather) . I saw Don in 2007 at the Colston Hall & he commented then on the acoustics, & once again the sound was spot on. I agree with BillH about “In My Life” so beautifully sung. To top off a great night, Don signed my Tapestry Album after the show. Thanks , Don.

  6. What can you say about this wonderful artist, he is a legend! His songs are timeless and superbly crafted. Last night’s concert was truly memorable and I can’t wait for his next tour of the UK.

  7. I saw Don McLean at the same venue in 1973. I was overwhelmed then and I loved it all, last night. A truly great performer and a legend.

  8. Oh, my what a shame I wasn’t there to hear Oh, my what a shame. For the album this song is from, is my favorite Don McLean album. Those lyrics helped me through adolescence.

  9. After the showers of Birmingham it was a sunny Bristol that greeted Don to the Colston Hall, even if there was still a chill in the air. Another full hall awaited. The acoustic was lovely amd seemed much to Don’s liking. He looks to be really enjoying himself, as do the band, and it all bodes well for a memorable tour.

    Some great additional songs today, though unless I drifted off we didn’t get Over The Mountain Alan, whether they rehearsed that in the soundcheck or not. 🙂 Good one for the banjo though hint hint! But we did get Ancient History from the same Playin’ Favourites album which was introduced with Don talking about being at Johnny Cash’s house with Roy Orbison. To be honest, I hadn’t even realised it was a Johnny Cash song. We also had Oh My What A Shame and a lovely acoustic version of Wonderful Night. Homeless Brother, Castles in the Air, Bronco Bill’s Lament were also played and Magdalene Lane got another airing so looks like it will be done regularly again.

    Crying is always a show stopping song but I have to say that the version we got last night was up there amongst the very best. Don’s voice really soared and the entire audience were rightly applauding even before the song was finished. Spine tingling even from Row W!!

    The band are sounding absolutely on their mettle and providing wonderful backing. Much though I would have loved to see a solo show, you miss a lot these days if the band isn’t there. I particularly love to hear piano, and Tony as ever proved he is one of the very best in the business. Enough to make me wish I had stuck to those piano lessons as a kid.

    The show again ran pretty much exactly two hours and climaxed with a beutiful version of In My Life(nice to hear Don pay fullsome praise to John Lennon and particularly Paul McCartney in his introduction) followed by the same banjo tracks as Bristol. I do think Masters of War is an odd last number but I guess you have to end with something.

    Undoubtedly one of Don’s very best shows, and I have seen the odd few. You could just feel the contentment in the audience. They had come out to be entertained by one of the world’s greatest performers and I doubt anyone left feeling that it hadn’t been worth it.

  10. TRULY GREAT! A fantastic evening – Don promised he’d ‘give us our money’s worth’ and he surely did. All the best-known songs and more delivered in the trademark resonant but sensitive voice. It was great to be invited to sing along with ‘American Pie’ – it’s really moving to do this with the creator of songs you have grown up with. He is the genuine article. (But Don, if you read this, I’m sorry I had to leave as you were saying goodbye as my last bus was at 11.20 and it would have been a long walk home…) Thanks and cheers!

  11. My wife and I have been fans of Don for many years but this is the first time that we seen him “live”. The whole experience was fantastic right from Lesley Roley who picks a mean guitar and who also has a lovely voice to the band who showed great improvisation and on to Don who delighted all of us.
    I will continue to buy his records/downloads and toothepaste.

  12. Great concert in Bristol tonight – 2 hours and many of the songs we love to hear, but don’t always, including Oh My What a Shame, Mountains of Mourne, Empty Chairs and a real rarity in Ancient History (meticulously rehearsed at the sound check). Tony Migliore, Ralph Childs, Jerry Kroon and Vip Vipperman were all brilliant and the audience, creaking bones and all, were dancing in the aisles by the end.

    Lesley Roley is a good support act and has an excellent singing voice and a great sexy Geordie accent.

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