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  1. First set, lasting half-hour by Lesley Roley was stunning. I hadn’t heard of her until then (I guess she’s well known in Geordie Land). Her voice was crystal clear and mesmerising. I loved ‘Mr Sad’ with some laugh out loud lyrics. She’s a tiny lady but she filled the huge stage. Half an hour was not enough. She was very busy during the interval selling and signing her CDs and of course, I had to buy one. Brief chat and asked if her sore throat was any better (as mentioned on Facebook) and how she must be thrilled to appear at the Albert Hall.
    Then Don was on for a two hour set with his amazing band from Nashville. Was fascinated by the pianist playing keyboard with his right hand and grand piano with his left! I was a wee bit disappointed with the first ‘rock’ compilation but from then on it just got better and better culminating in his solo ‘Vincent’. I loved ‘Gotta Know’ which I hadn’t heard Don sing before (only Elvis and Cliff). At previous concerts, Don had always set up a table in the foyer, or some other means to meet fans and sign stuff, but sadly not this time. However, I did hang around at the stage door with a few others and Don took time to chat and sign . He signed my ‘American Pie’ and ‘ Tapestry’ LPs covers. Many years ago, again in Bournemouth, Don actually asked a few of us hanging at the stage door to his dressing room for a chat. Typical of this great performer.

  2. Martin you mention no meet after the show but i was delighted to meet him outside the Pavilion near the tour bus where he chatted and signed posters/flyers/autograph books and cds etc to more than a dozen people
    only too willing to chat and autograph which is a lesson others could certainly learn from as they would be nowhere without their “fans”

  3. Just a wonderful night. Don & the Band were on top form,I loved every minute,and I don’t mind what he sings or if it’s just him or with the Band. My only regret was getting tickets to 3 concerts instead of my usual 4! Don I love your voice & music.

  4. Spent quite a few nice days in Bournemouth and met up with other long-time Donny fans Hannah, her friend, and Bill H, hotfoot from Bristol.

    Went to Bournemouth Pavillion at 7.30 ish and Lesley appeared onstage at 8 o’clock sharp. Surprising her singing was quite good, not as shrill as YouTube and of course we had Mr Sad and we sang about liking the flowers and the daffodils. Her set is exactly 30 minutes allowing a 30 minute wait for the Donster.

    Don arrived onstage at 9pm after being formally announced as the Legendary Don McLean. After reading about Bristol and a rare outing of ‘Oh My What A Shame’, I had a premonition that Don might do the entire Don McLean album tonight, including Birthday Song and even Falling Through Time which I have not heard live for several decades. 🙂 I am joking, hey.

    Well, he did a very good set but songs which were sung the previous night which I wanted to hear – Magdalene Lane, Mountains of Mourne and ‘Oh My What a Shame’ were missing.

    I wasn’t taking notes but from memory, songs included:

    Empty Chairs
    Wonderful Night
    Fashion Victim
    Bronco Bill’s Lament
    Addicted to Black

    as well as

    And I Love You So
    American Pie

    Sorry I can’t recall any more. He did two encores after American Pie, the second time he appeared onstage alone and sang Vincemt. But despite several standing ovations, that was yer lot, and the fabled banjo – which was played in Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris, Norway (three nights), Denmark as well as all gigs on the UK Tour so far – remained prettily on it’s stand.

    I / We? were kind of stunned / godsmacked philosophical / whatever. I certainly felt ***VERY*** shortchanged at a severe lack of banjo. With Don alone onstage I thought Vincent would have lead into an intimate solo set with the banjo, but NO. 🙁

    Another difference on this tour was no meet and greet after the shows, though some dour guys had the Addicted to Black CDs for sale during and after the show for £15.

    Lesley was in the Foyer after her set and also after Don’s set and was selling quite a few of her CDs which are burned on her computer and have paper sleeves mde by her. She told us how she had a near calamity on the way to Bournemouth, by first class train travel when a tin of coke burst in her bag and damaged some of the sleeves.

    Hopefully the Royal Albert Hall show on Friday will mark a reappearance of the fabled instrument???


  5. The beginning was a rambling mess, and I’m afraid that he’d really lost the audience from here on. It wasn’t until he started playing the “standards” that I felt part of the show. 5/10

    The support act, Lesley Roley, made the night worth it for me! 10/10


  6. Start of the concert was a bit loud on the bass and a few of the more unusual songs – also a little bit slow. Then it changes to a fantastic concert 9/10.

    Wonderful songs – shame the audience were a bit conservative and restrained.

    Three generations from 64 down to 11 went and all really loved it.

    The youngest was concerned she wouldn’t hear vincent.

    All in all a once in a life time experience and well worth ever penny.

    Worth the sore throat and sore hands.

    Thank you

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