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  1. You could feel the excitement building amongst the audience as they waited for Don McClean’s appearance on the stage. When the man himself appeared, there was a gasp of delight. This was before he had sung a note and when he started to sing we were transported to paradise. The craic was great, the singing and choice of music superb. Every member of that audience floated out walking on air and feeling good. If you ever get time to read this Mr McClean many thanks. You and your very talented musicians have left Belfast with a joyous musical experience it will never forget.

  2. I was there too and was overwhelmed by Don’s gentle but rousing talent. He spoke of his first visit to Belfast in 1972 when it was a very unhappy place. I was at that concert and it moved me when he reminded us how far we have come here in Belfast. So I was glad I had come to see him again and I loved every song. May Don sing round the world for a long time to come.

  3. Don McLean ~ The Waterfront, Belfast ~ Monday, May 10, 2010

    WOW!!! One of thee most amazing and special musical experiences ever! Such a joy and a privilege to hear Don, and his wonderful band, in concert again; my third, lucky such time. Don’s unique voice is still beyond amazing ~ bursting with total heart and soul, purity, quality, richness and passion, as was his supreme guitar- and banjo-playing. His personal choice and truly superb delivery of a selection of his own extraordinary songs and some lucky covers, filled the welcoming Waterfront Hall and our happy, enchanted hearts. He spoke, as eloquently as he sang, to the audience, with his true feeling, awareness and humour, and about his gratefulness for his gifts, his blessings and his fans, and he said he was honoured to come here to sing for us. ‘Thank you Don McLean for coming here in concert, to delight and enthrall us once again.’ Don McLean was, is, and will always be, a true, real and pure gift to the world.

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