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  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC. It was a magical concert and well worth the wait! This was an early birthday gift for me and wow, what a special treat. Rach was in tears at one point, so powerful was the music and Don’s wonderfully emotional lyrics.
    Thanks for a truly unforgatable birthday present.
    Come back very soon Don and the band!!!!!

  2. Like many, many other people around the world I have been listening to Don McLean’s music for almost 40 years but this was the first time I had actually seen him perform live and I was not disappointed. My wife and I had actually been to Sheffield the previous night to see Rihanna and whilst I enjoyed the concert the emphasis of that show was more on visual effect rather than music. Thankfully the same cannot be said about Don’s show, he is the master craftsman where both music and lyrics are concerned and he (and his fantastic band) had us spellbound from the start. He sang all our favourite tunes but, like others have pointed out, he just left out the one special song that for me has to be ‘The Grave’ which always gives me goosebumps whenever I hear him sing it… I do understand that he can’t sing every song he has ever recorded in order to please everyone but, well maybe next time Don and by then maybe all our brave young soldiers will have come home safely for good.

  3. Manchester a view pre show, from the front row of the circle and post show too.
    37 years ago I sat next to my best school friend seeing Don live in Manchester for the first time, it was magical and I cried all the way home thinking I’d never see him again, little did I know then how lucky we’d be to have Don still touring and giving us so many wonderful memories each time he plays Manchester. 37 years on we still feel the same about Don and his music and on the inside we still feel, 14 years old I wish! This time at the concert I was able to share the pleasure with “the gang” that Don mentioned in his Christmas interview along with my school friend and my lovely sister in law Angela.
    Angela and I drove to the hall early to maybe catch Don before the concert. He looked relaxed when he stepped off the tours bus .He had told me at the RAH that Manchester would be great little did we know what was in store for us. We were lucky enough to get a wave before the show after he had signed lots of things for fans, but not to talk to him .It must be so hard for Don to please all of us as he had a sound check to attend. I passed my red rose to security who told me it would get to him.
    We were able to chat to Lesley Roley too before the show to hear how she had got to be on tour with Don her plans for the future etc I wish her well as she has a great voice and a lovely easy manner on stage with a good sense of humour too.
    There is an immense and deep pleasure for me from being a Don McLean fan. I can’t pin point what it is but the minute he is announced on stage, actually he arrived before they had finished telling us who he was, as if we need any introduction, immediately I’m hooked and the applause said it as the end of the introduction was drowned out by the clapping and cheering.
    The concert was fabulous and the highlights for me were Genesis, Oh my what a shame and then the banjo, where Don gets the idea from that he’s not very good at the banjo I have no idea he’s brilliant. The Cat Came Back was great fun interspersed with stories about what youngsters do now at an even earlier age he was relating it to computer games etcs and the fact that the simple pleasures of music seems to be missing, he had fun with his kids as I’ve heard their CD “You’ve Got to Share” worth a listen too.
    And then we had an amazing rendition of Crying why is it I always hold my breath when he sings it, it’s such a powerful song .
    Don made special to mention to Alan Howard who runs this web site so effectively and I would like to thank him too for that because without it I wouldn’t have been able to share my love of Don’s music endlessly and to be able to meet up with like minded fans and have so much fun. Even ended up having them to stay with me or me with them thanks to all you and to all our international fans who can’t be here but can share Don’s music through the reviews and “You Tube” of course, thank you so much to all of you who post.
    The band never cease to amaze they are a wonderful bunch of very talented musicians whom Don always acknowledges. Well done guys!
    And then Babylon on the banjo pure magic, need I say more.
    And then afterwards a quiet word with Don when he shook my hand and thanked me for his rose and I stepped up to Cloud 9 again.

  4. Was at the Bridgewater Hall concert last friday. What can I say! The man is a legend. I was amazed to find myself remembering all the words to songs like Homeless Brother after not having heard them for decades, proof of the power of his lyrics.

  5. I have waited nearly 40 years to hear Don Mclean sing American Pie live.It is our day out in the car feel good family anthem-even my 17 year old daughter demand that I get her a ticket too.Awesome.
    But the concert at the Bridgewater Hall was so much more than one song-great music,fine musicians,really good atmosphere-the man is a legend.

  6. Douglas – the “Live in Manchester” CD/DVD will be released very soon and is Don’s 1991 concert at the Free Trade Hall featuring Don accompanied by John Platania on guitar in part 1 and accompanied by the Jamie Marshall band in part 2.

  7. Yes once again the man himself came to Manchester and I think most people there understood what he meant about the Free Trade Hall ( Did I hear correctly that one of his concerts from there in the 1990s could be coming out on DVD ? ) Vincent was magical this time but Winterwood was close behind. I also did like the way In A Museum morphed into American Pie ( and what can you say about that – even on the Youtube clip you can hear the audience singing too ! ). I did notice a few people walk out during Jerusalem though.

    I do hope Don is OK – he was definitely less chatty and more muted than his 2007 concert at Bridgewater Hall. He did state the show must go on at one point so I do hope all is well with him.

    Lesley Roley was a great support act ( though that dratted “I love the flowers” still haunts me 😉 ) and whoever got a hug was very lucky- I do like the hand drawn cover for the Mr Sad CD

  8. It was an honour to finally see the legendary Don McLean in concert, who had the audience totally spellbound. The backing band were brilliant and contributed to a memorable night. I have followed Don McLean since 1972 and finally seeing him fully lived up to all my expectations. An absolute classic concert.

  9. You know what, you listen to a song on record for thirty years then you hear performed live and it comes ALIVE! It’s as though a great light has been shone onto it – it’s fresh, vibrant and reborn. That’s how I felt during Don’s concert. I’ve been listening to his music since 1970 and I was lucky enough to see him at Llandudno about five years ago – I didn’t think I’d ever see again. I was moved by his rendition of Bronco Bill’s Lament that night but on Friday the simple ballad of Mountains of Mourne got to me – I felt in the presence of someone really, really special, very emotional, and to sign along with him, well that was just fantasitc. Don McLean is a unique man – he thanked us for coming out to see him – such humility from such a talented and gifted individual. A truly wonderful, memorable night – my wife, Barbara has been out today to try to buy a few more albums but HMV don’t carry many so we’re off to the website now.
    Congratulations to Lesley – what a loveley little Geordie girl. Let’s hope she malkes it big.

  10. MANCHESTER 14th……fantastic event !! don were outstanding …stary stary night were amazin !!!….his voice never falterd ……….just brill !! ….so glad i saw don !! great experience……..sounded just as good as when he were in his younger days !!..hope he will come back again !! love to you don ! and thankyou !

  11. Manchester 14th – amazing but then again he always is. Good to hear my favourite Winterwood -but the whole evening was great – the audience could have been LOUDER for Babylon – many years ago this was done at Sheffield and we were singing in a ’round’ for about 15 minutes!!! Still it was good to hear it again – try again with us Don next time! Thank you so much and the thing is about Don’s concerts – they are never forgotten – enjoy to those lucky people able to go to Liverpool and other concerts in the tour – please come back soon Don – you really are special.

  12. It was a great night I really enjoyed it, Don played some of his old songs including mu faourite American Pie plus some new songs, I hope he will come back again.

  13. Fantastic show last night from Don and support … Vincent and I love you so was fabulous and American Pie got everyone off there seats .. Fantastic ! .. I could hear that song all day and never be bored of it ! … Thanks Daon Please come back ! …. but please sing Castles in the air ! a miss last night … was hoping it was gonna be at the end … not particuarly a fan of Babylon tho ..

  14. A fantastic night, i’ve waited many years to see Don, and it was a truly an amazing experience, he gave a fantastic encore and iconic masterfull performance. Us Brits all love you Don.

  15. Only time on this tour and a real rarity these days, Don McLean invited over 2300 fans to join him in singing “Babylon” last night to round off a memorable evening in Manchester. Very much a greatest hits set starting with Everyday and Fools Paradise and moving through Winterwood, Empty Chairs, If We Try, Crying, Oh My What a Shame, Homeless Brother, It’s Just the Sun, Genesis (In the Beginning), Vincent, American Pie, The Cat Came Back (available on the children’s album at http://www.don-mclean.com/shop.asp), Jerusalem, Love in my Heart,Mountains of Mourne, In a Museum, and Singin the Blues (from Don McLean Sings Marty Robbins CD)

  16. Didn’t expect him to be as good as the last time I saw him live (free trade hall 1990) but his stage presence was even better. A tour de force performance proving he’ll always have what it takes. Every time he sings his songs they sound slightly different and he gave an honest and unpretentious performance that thrilled the crowd – brilliant.

  17. WOW he was amazing ,I’m sitting here on Cloud 9, can’t write any more yet you’ll have to wait till after Liverpool tonight.
    Great to hear Alan Howard being personally thanked by Don on stage for this fantastic site.

  18. Thank you Don & the Band I had a wonderful night at the Bridgewater Hall. And thank you for playing the bandjo! I just loved it. He had us singing ‘The Cat came back’ & ‘Babylon’ which I haven’t heard for years. Took me back to the Free Trade Hall days.It was worth every penny I payed to listen to Dons wonderful voice & his choice of songs. I don’t mind what he sings just as long as I’m there to hear it!
    And can I say how much I enjoyed Lesley also.She has a great voice and I enjoyed her songs.
    Thank you once again to Don & that great Band of yours.

    I look forward to tonight when I get to see Don all over again at Liverpool.

  19. The Bridgewater hall was spellbound by Don McLean tonight. Two hours of absolute entertainment. An emotional Vincent and seconds short of a Ten Minute American Pie.

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