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  1. This was the second time we had been to see Don in concert.The first time was in Harrogate about 10 years ago,there was just Don sat on a stool,with his guitar, and a guy at the piano,it was brilliant,and it was in the smaller venue hall at Harrogate.This last time was in Birmingham,where Don performed with his band.This show was brilliant too,if at times the band were slightly off tune.BUT what a brilliant show again,if he was on next wek I would be going to see him again.He did very nearly 2 and a half hours,and appeared to really enjoy being there ,and not just there for the cash,the audience were active and although they probably did not know ALL his songs as well as i did or others,they really enjoyed the American Pie and Vincent songs.Winterwood was stunning too.
    Would definatly go to see Don on his next tour.AND he appreciates the public who go to his shows.

  2. Liverpool another wonderful evening with Don in a great city.
    Well for me this was my 4th and final concert of the tour and it was with mixed emotions and also great excitement about seeing Don, it’s like the icing on the cake having seen him only the night before in Manchester.
    Yet again we went early and for me I was able to share it with other fans meeting up before the concert and then being there to see Don and the band arrive .Don is so charismatic and was lovely with me and I was able to give him my rose personally and a few brief words lifted me up to Cloud 10.
    The Liverpool audience were very appreciative and welcomed Don warmly he acknowledged his audience as he always does and thanked us for coming out to see him. The concert was sell out which says it all for me. I reflected on the last Philharmonic concert in 2007 where I had shared it with a fan from USA and Malaysia too, so sorry they couldn’t be with us again.
    A different concert from Manchester again showing the diversity of Don’s music and singing. We had some beautiful ballads, some solo, just gorgeous particularly his new song from Addicted to Black “ I was always Young “ .The ballads seem to quieten the audience down but Don has an amazing way of bringing them out of themselves and we were treated to “This Little Light of Mine”.
    I’m sorry to read disappointed reviews from concert goers because I feel Don always gives 100 % wherever he is and no concert is ever the same, I can vouch for that.
    He slipped in to Crying and there I am holding my breath again with that tingle down my spine, he sang it sitting down which is even more amazing for such a powerful song. Castles in the Air was beautiful and when Don plays with his voice he shows us what an incredible range he has and then blows us away at the end with those gorgeous low notes. WOW!
    Prior to the concert a few of us were able to talk freely with the sound engineer only then does it give you any idea of just how much goes in to a concert. So thanks for great sound Hugh.
    American Pie had us on our feet it must be an amazing feeling for Don looking out on an audience.
    So finally still on Cloud 9 days later even after going to work I want to thank my idol Don for returning to the UK to give us some wonderful memories to live with following your amazing tour as well as his ace band of boys Tony Ralph Jerry and Vip you are all fabulous. To Lesley Roley I wish you every success and to all the fans that I’ve shared my passion with thanks for listening and finally my wonderful husband for putting up with me in Don Mode. Till the next time…

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful singer – when Don lets his voice ‘fall’ my toes curl and heaven is near. He is the only act I go to see live. Good as his records are, they aren’t a patch on the real thing. He is a master.
    I completely agree with Plutopants regarding the behaviour of some folk in the Grand Circle. People arrived late and were up and down throughout the concert. One young woman re-entered and stood at the end of her row talking to someone further along the row!! Sheer rudeness and bad manners.
    It seems that the acoustics were playing tricks upstairs because I also thought the drummer was too loud but, unlike some venues on his last tour, Don’s wonderful voice was not drowned out.
    There was a very bright ‘exit’ light near the door – it spoiled the atmosphere as distracting shadows were moving all over the place. An uneccessary black mark for the venue.
    I have groused and moaned but despite all, the concert was absolutely fantastic. It was wonderful to hear Don play so many of his ‘acoustic’ numbers – ‘Empty Chairs’ always makes me cry. If I missed ‘Crossroads’, ‘I Was Always Young’ nearly made up for it! I love it when you rock, but I prefer to hear the voice.
    My only regret is that I couldn’t make it to another stop on the tour as well.
    I don’t know if you do read these reviews, Don but, just in case – please come back very soon and perhaps you will sing Sinatra’s ‘September Song’ one day?

  4. I have never been to Dons concert & left disapointed. Tonight was my 3rd on this tour and again was worth paying for. Don has been in fine voice & the very talented Band complement him so well. Each concert is always different and I just don’t mind what he sings as long. Don thank us a few times for coming to see him but it’s me who must say ‘no Don,thank you for continuing to tour & thank you for all the years of sheer pleasure I’ve had through your music’
    I hope you continue to tour the UK as life wouldn’t be the same without you

  5. I just cannot understand some of the negative postings on here.
    The whole show was top drawer. Don’s rendition of Crying was so full of emotion.
    Having attended some 90 [yes 90 ] concerts in the last couple of years this one is in my top ten.
    This was the second time I have seen him live, and it was better than the first time, can’t wait till he comes again.
    A master at work. A true legend.

  6. Liverpool Philharmonic what a fantastic night, Lesley Roley did a great job warming the audience, she has a lovely personality that comes across when she’s on stage and is a star for the future! Don was in great voice the sound in the hall was just awesome sorry Birmingham and RAH you weren’t a match. The audience listened intently to every song and applauded every song as if it was the last one, they filled the Philharmonic with song when Don ask them to join in with this Little Light of mine even the band acknowledge the audience. The band was at their best as always, just fantastic! what musicians! Don the UK have showed how much they love you and your music come back next year please!! Have a look at the photos on the fans web site

  7. We also went to see Don last and thoroughly enjoyed the show,but I must agree about the backing group
    we sat in the grand circle and found the band far to loud .I also felt the audience around me were very
    subdued and found i was alone when it came to clapping along with some of his songs ,maybe he felt the poor audience participation .I have seen don in concert 15 -20 times over the years, sometimes seeing more than one concert per tour .I am still his biggest fan and have never been disapointed .THANKYOU DON .

  8. Don McLean was a great personal performance last night. He delivered his intimate songs clearly and with passion, his voice still being melodic and pitch-worthy. The backing band were all good (Nashville) musicians, but not entriely feeling lke they were playing as one unit. The pianist was very good, with some arrangements being enhanced by some synth to fill them out. This was old school performance, the delivery of songs on a stage in a venue with professional nusicians. Don’s delivery of Vincent near the end was absolutely stunning, well the first part with just Don was, but there was little need for the other instruments really. The drums, yes, were a bit intrusive up in the upper circle – but Don’s guitar and voice (the things we’d come for) were clear and melodic. Don played all the ones we expected, with Magdalene Lane and In a Museum really leaving an impression as more obscure offerings, Winterwood, Empty Chairs,Castles in the Air were all wonderful, as was Crying (a difficult song to sing, which Don interprets impressively. The best songs on the night for us were the less arranged ones with mainly Don performing.
    Overall though, it was a great night. The concert was by no means disappointing for us, we loved it, even in the upper circle. We lost count of the number of times we had to get up to allow people through to go to the loo – seems to be a thing in concerts now, some people seem to be up & down like yoyos. Can’t understand why some people do this, or get up and start to go – maybe these are those who expect the legend to give a facsimile of their 40 year old Greatest Hits compilation. (This doesn’t happen 4 decades on, but Don was faithful enough to the songs people were likely to know.) These may probably be the same people who don’t bother coming to their seats in time, let alone to see the support act. (Lisa Rowley was a delightful, honest and sincere singer-songwriter, in the troubabdour vein, who won huge respect from the audeince).
    Performing is a two-way thing, and the audience plays its part in generating feedback to those on stage, encouraging them to give. Certain crowds can be not what you expect, and I think we’ve ridden the coat tails of the Merseybeat heritage enough to not expect acts to bow down before us in the middle of what can be long periods away from home. Audiences should simply be grateful these acts bother to include their areas in their tours. It is true, though, that some performers ‘connect’ with their audiences in different ways, and even the same performer at different times can come over in contrasting ways. Don did mention Liverpool audiences during ‘This Little Light’, but, having been at concerts where the act has got their venue location wrong in their ‘Hellos’, I can understand why sometimes they don’t name their host city. Definitely though, the synergy between main perfromer and backing band was a little sparse.
    For us, Don did give to the audience last night – he squeezed in a huge number of songs in the time, kept banter to a minimum and attempted to deliver good, honest live songs, some of which are up there with the best ever written. The songs, sung by the one who wrote them, spoke for themselves. Don McLean is an authentic performer, and I was surprised at how great he was (this being – ashamedly – the first time I saw him live). The Phil is a great venue accoustically, but certainly the setup for the band was not brilliantly done. Those going to see Don on this tour, do not let that get in the way of what you have the priviledge of expereincing. We both really, really enjoyed our first Don McLean concert and are so glad we’ve finally got to see him. Grateful that he still brings his music our way.

  9. To me there is only one word for Don’s show last night and that is fantastic. We were fortunate enough to be downstairs sitting in the fourth row from the front and the sound was great. I thought the musicians complemented Don and were not too loud or too soft, they were just right.

    I wrote last year after the Sheffield concert that I was disappointed he hadn’t used the banjo but this year, although the banjo sat on the stage all evening again without being used, I thoroughly enjoyed the show, Don seemed better than ever and took me back to the days of the 70’s concerts when it was just him and his guitar.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the concert Don and hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

  10. I have to agree with Emma, and say that I was disappointed with last night’s concert. The last time we saw him at The Phil it was a brilliant night but this time the band let him down badly. Although we sat in the grand circle, I don’t think it was just down to the accoustics, because that hall has brilliant accoustics – at the last concert Don sang, I think it was Empty Chairs, accoustically – no microphone and no guitar amp – and it was outstanding. The only time this band sounded together was when they played the the country songs, but too often the drummer was just adding noise, the electric guitar sounded like a dog in pain, and the keyboard guy was doing his own thing. On Winterwood, one of my favourite songs, the arrangement was terrible and IMO ruined the song. Individually the band members were great musicians and I’ve no doubts as to their talents, but for me, they just didn’t seem to come together and play as a band. Contrat this with Glen Campbell, who the week before had used his support act as his backing band. We were sitting even higher up in the circle and the music sounded great.

    I loved the songs Don played to his own guitar accompaniment, and I thought he was on good form, though not as enthusiastic as the last time I saw him at The Phil. The support act was very good.

  11. So sad for Emma as downstairs the accoustics were great and we were happy to join in a much deserved standing ovation. It was great to see musicians of a certain age still enjoying their art. I thought Don responded warmly to the audience and he kept saying how lovely the venue was. We aren’t from Liverpool and had come especially to see him and we too loved the hall. Thanks to the lovely young support, the talented band and of course the man himself who didn’t disappoint and made my husband’s 50th birthday celebration very special indeed!

  12. We saw the concert last night. We were very disappointed. Don didnt even say ” Hello” to Liverpool. The sound levels of the band were all wrong if you were sat in the upper circle, the drums dominated. Don didnt seem to want to be there and was just going through the motions. The guitarists showed no enjoyment…….they didnt move! People around us were leaving before the end…..we persevered until “American Pie”……..A disappointing night for us.

  13. Just got back from the Liverpool gig – it was fabulous – Dons rendition of “I Was Always Young” was stunning – I thought he might have sung a few more off the new album – but I wasn’t disappointed.
    The band was just right they complimented Don very nicely (not too much – and in the right place)

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