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  1. fantastic show still got a great voice and enjoyed singing along to his all time classics the man is timeless

  2. Fantastic! He still has a ‘presence’ on stage – although at times I found the backing music a little too loud for Don’s voice, thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Having seen Don McLean many times over the years he never fails to please. A very ‘unassuming’ guy he has no need for ‘showmanship’ he chats to the audience like they are old friends and the voice is still amazing (despite him suffering a sore throat! -Get well soon Don)

  3. Fabulous evening, he starte singing at 8.30 and finished at 10.40. All the old favourites and some ‘folksy’ songs as well. One of the best concerst we have attended at The Sage.

  4. thoroughly enjoyed the concert and to hear 2000 people singing american pie was awesome, pity the band werent more enthusiastic, just looked like they were going through the motions, didnt spoil my night though

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