End of tour (for now)

The European tour 2010 is over for now and I’d like to thank everyone who posted comments or reviews, which have been read and enjoyed by over 100,000 worldwide visitors in the past month, including Don McLean and his musicians. Don also tours North America later this year and, if all goes to plan, returns to Australia in Feb 2011 and will be back in Europe before you know it.

It’s 10 years since the first UK ‘fan event’ at the Hammersmith Apollo when 20 or so fans got to see Don’s sound check and had after show passes for a meet and greet. Some fans and friends have enjoyed the same privilege again this year and one fan in particular, Annie, definitely has a place in Don’s heart and must hold the accolade as Don McLean’s No. 1 fan.

The success of the tour is in no small part down to the Asgard Agency and 3A Entertainment in London. A fine production team has toured with Don and his musicians throughout, including Don’s ever-friendly and efficient road manager.

In 2010 Don McLean’s popularity is once again on the ascendancy (could he soon take the stage at the O2 arena and/or an even bigger venue?) and we have a new classic Don McLean song in “I was always young”.


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  1. How hard it is to come down off cloud 9 at the end of the tour when reality kicks back in and I’m really sad again as it meant Don and the boys were off home , I hope they have all arrived bakc safe and are taking a well earned rest now .
    Reflecting back on the past few weeks, Don arrived here in the UK on my birthday … great present !We have had great radio interviews with wonderful live music from Don, some interesting TV appearances too, Solo in Europe for many lucky lucky fans and so much on You Tube I can hardly keep up with it and for the fans worldwide who haven’t been able to see Don You Tube has been amazing , so thanks to everyone who records and photographs Don for the rest of us to see .
    I have particularly enjoyed reading other fans reviews and having read Bill H’s round up nearly didn’t write anything as he always manages to pitch it just right , well done Bill H.But you know Bill H what I’m like when I start chattering about Don , you’ve had to put up with allot of it this tour!
    Don THANK YOU so much for being you, your music is wonderful I love it so much ,your voice is fabulous you are always with us and hearing you live is magic , thank you so much for such a long tour away from your family and home .To Patrisha and Wyatt it was lovely to meet you both thanks for your time.
    I was lucky enough to go to 4 concerts , pure bliss,all special in their own right but Manchester and Liverpool are top of the list for me .
    Thanks to Tony, Ralph, Jerry and Vip all equally talented.
    Lesley Roley I wish her success.
    This great web site run by Alan Howard has enabled many of us to become freinds and I was so pleased to hear you mentioned by Don for your work .Thanks Alan.
    Ron Buck for getting me something really special signed. Thanks Ron .
    And last but by no means least to a great group of fans who I have met , stayed with, eaten with and talked endlessly to about Don, in no order in particlar Bill H, Hannah,Bill N, Ross, Martin , Neil , Dejay, Cookie ,Helga and Jim, Jeanette,Lesley [Birmingham]Alan Young and my great sister in law Angela always there for me and with her camera and to worldwide fans and friends who have kept in touch via the internet always keen to hear about the tour .PS so sorry if I’ve missed anyone out.
    I am flattered to be called Don’s number one fan but really its all of us isnt it becasue we love Don and his music and that’s why we are all here on this site .
    Happy Trails to you all until the next time.

  2. Thank you for continuing to tour Don and for all the years of your wonderful choice of music to share with your fans,I love it all & think your voice is better now than it was when you were younger. I love your Band and would like to thank them also for sharing their talent also on this tour. The best show this tour for me was Manchester,not least because I had the best seat in the Hall,front row right in front of you,A23. What a joy to watch you so close play the guitar & banjo. And thank you for taking me back to the Free Trade Hall days by singing Babylon.I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
    Thankyou Alan for running this website so people like me can keep up with the tour news.

  3. I knew I would forget somebody…..was also great to see Alan Young, his wife and young daughters. I was exhausted after trying to keep up with those two girls for an hour, I don’t know how you cope!! πŸ™‚

  4. Yes Alan, thanks for providing this excellent and nicely themed space for fans to leave their comments. With very few exceptions these have been extremely positive and reflect a particularly strong tour. Annie’s enthusiasm for Don knows no bounds and I had the privilege of sharing four shows with her during the tour. It was nice to see that her ever present rose appeared with Don on the stage in Liverpool – a very fitting tribute, goodness knows the cost of all those roses over the years!! At various points I was also able to catch up with Hannah, Martin Maguire, Neil Wyatt, Dave Cook (Cookie), Dave Fulton (Dejay), BillN, the ever elusive ‘strangest fan’ and even Jo in Australia courtesy of Skype!! Collectively they proved that Don has the nicest and most loyal fans in the world and I feel honoured to be part of the group.

    I hate to pick and choose, but if pushed my favourite show of the eight I saw was in my home city of Glasgow – an evening that just included all the right things, great company, a nice meal, a front row seat yards from Don and stretching the closing time in the pub afterwards to its limit. It doesn’t get much better. Most unexpected moment in a show was when Don picked up the banjo in Manchester and did Babylon for the only time in about 30 years – that is on a par with him singing ‘Everybody Loves Me Baby’ in Brighton in 2007 and ‘Birthday Song’ on my birthday in the Isle Of Man in 2005. Best moment outside a show was finding Don’s wife Patrisha and son Wyatt being sat at the table next to me when I went for a quick curry in Bristol. I tried not to listen in too much, but sometimes it is difficult you know. πŸ™‚ I heard enough to be very favourably impressed by both of them and couldn’t resist introducing myself when they finished eating. They were both quite lovely and clearly very proud of Don.

    Another unexpected delight was speaking to Hugh from the sound company whilst we were sneaking a listen to Don’s soundcheck in Liverpool. Chatting to him gave me a greater understanding of the problems faced in accommodating the acoustic peculiarities of each venue. He didn’t even get upset when we had a go about the RAH sound – who realised that 50 speakers were rigged specifically for that show? You can’t please all the people all the time but I thought the sound during the tour was as consistently good as I have heard during any tour – so well done Hugh and the sound guys.

    So that’s it for another tour. Thanks to Don, Tony, Ralph, Jerry and Vip for producing such great performances and putting up with our almost constant presence near the stage door. Don is not getting any younger, but let’s hope we see at least one more major tour here. I’m betting most of the enthusiastic audiences I observed would be quick to return for another helping. For now though it is the turn of the States and then Bob, Jo and our other friends down under. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did and I am envious already!

    Happy Trails to all


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