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  1. Mr Mclean sang as poignently and as distictively as ever. But the drumming was intrusive and Mr Mc seemed unwilling to engage with us,his loyal listeners.We really dont need to sing 4 chorus of America Pie-most of us could have joined inwith many of his other wonderful songs as well.. After we had applauded forever Don eventually smiled and gave us some warmth .But I am a bit disappointed in last nights concert.

  2. This was another great show fron Don to end the tour. Just to confuse everyone he did “This Little Light” near the start of the set.And there were surprisingly no tracks from “Addicted” . “Crazy”, “Wonderful Night”, and “Mountains Of Mourne” were great additions to the night’s performance, as was a stirring rendition of ” Master Of War” on the banjo.
    Cheers Don, and Happy Trails!!

  3. Fabulous show from start to finish. A night of wonderful memories. Will tell the grandchildren we sang American Pie with Don. Where does this guy get his energy? Hope you got a chance to see our wonderful Scottish scenery when you were here. Coma back soon!

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