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  1. I have been a DM fan for over 30 years and finally got to see him in concert in Perth WA for the first time last night. No gimmicks or special effects – just Don and his band. A truly wonderful performance. There are not many artists that stand the test of time over such a long time. Don is one of them. He said he hopes to keep touring for another 5 years so hopefully I’ll get the chance to see him again.

  2. Went to Burswood tonight to see Don for about the 10th time in concert since the 70’s. He never disappoints. The chap next to me and his wife had never seen him before and he said to me after the show, ‘He was REALLY good wasn’t he.’ That pleases me to hear that, and I know it would please Don. We are back in the UK soon so we’ll be seeing him again this year!!

    Very disappointed with the support act though.

  3. Absolutely brilliant! Don’s voice is still amazing if not better with maturity. He is a true entertainer and it is fantastic that he is still touring and sharing his songs and music.

  4. Just got back from the Perth concert – elated! So often a music legend who has been around for years disappoints when you finally see them, but for Don and the boys nothing could be further from the truth. They delivered with all cylinders firing. Walk, crawl, fly whatever – just make sure that you catch their next concert; you will love it!

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