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  1. Wow Bob what a wonderful evening for you , you deserve it . Thanks for sharing it with us all.I love reading reivews, just makes me feel like I’m almost there, I wish, sigh ! So pleased for you that you got to meet Patrisha and to hear about the children too.Bob you deserve this and cheers passing on my regards.
    So I was so excited about Hampton Court ,Liverpool and Birmingham now how do I contain myself Bob when you tempt our appetites even more . Thrilled too to hear that Don is looking and sounding so good . Love Annie

  2. Thanks for your very full report Bob. Glad you got such a great show and were able to catch up with Don and the band (not to mention Patrisha!). The reports all seem to suggest that Don is in absolute top form…of course he is only really warming up for the UK in June!! Tickets for three shows bought and Annie is already hyper ventilating! 🙂

  3. Having attended Don McLean concerts for over 35 years I did so with just a little trepidation – would the show be p to previous shows – would I be disappointed ?
    Well on finding our seats – which were in an ideal centre room- close but not to close to the stage I started to warm to the fact this was a sellout crowd – there was a buzz of excitement that had been missing on the last tour – this was a Don McLean audience . The night got 5000% better when the truly wonderful Patrisha McLean came and sat next to us – we had not seen each other for 19 years but instantly recognised each other .
    The support act arrived on stage – Monique Brumby is an ARIA (oz equivalent to A GRAMMY) award winning artist . She is obviously very talented but was the wrong support for a Don McLean concert – the audience of mainly 45+ were confused as she pranced around the stage like a Zulu warrior. Her lyrics were clever but her voice was alarmingly high . Don greeted the audience with Gezz haven’t you all got old – but I’m still young – loud applause
    Don opened the show with a Buddy Holly medley – he looked very very trim and was in perfect voice, we then had LaLaLa Love you , Winterwood ,Jerusalem , Homeless Brother and a great extended sing a long of This little light – by this time the crowd and the band were white hot! Don then did Love Hurts and a wonderful Crying – never missing a note . Now I get out of order as I was totally swept up in the excitement – this was a very very special evening, We then heard a lovely And I love you so and Wonderful Baby followed by the skin tingling Crossroads – we were now ! hour and ten minutes into the show and A Long Long Time ago a 15 minute extended version with sing a long – could this be it 80 minutes – surely not – no Don pulled up a stool told the audience as he may not be back he’d just keep singing if that was ok . We heard Castles in the Air , Vincent and a wonderful version of In My Life with just Don and Vipp . Don then spoke of Johnny Cash and June Carter – and how he was at their house when the career changing event of not getting a grammy took place – he mentioned how he had basically been shown the door by the industry – but ten years later was back on the top of the charts with Crying and other songs – he said “The industry never understood me , the critics don’t understand me – but it doesn’t matter because you (pointing to the audience) you understand me” The audience went crazy.Don then thanked the audience and finished with thee Cowboy Jack Clement’s composition “Guess thing happen that way” ,we went backstage later and Don was very relaxed and happy the band was very happy as well – I won’t break any confidences but guys in the UK you have some great things to look forward to – this was the best Don McLean concert I have attended – on a personal note Annie I passed on your regards to Pat – I can also reveal Jackie Lee now has her own band and Wyatt is working very hard at his music.


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