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  1. 105 minutes – Don was spellbinding and quite brilliant. My wife who has attended hundreds of concerts with me, put it in her top 10 ever. For me, Don is a reminder why I am fascinated by and love the American Songbook. From his anecdotes about the great 1940s/50s/60s bluesman Josh White to his versions of Crying and Love Hurts, his linking of cabaret and pop, and then his own songs whether it be the immortal ‘Pie’ or some of his lesser known but equally potent songs about the breakdown of society, the Afghan War and the decay of music, Don is a reminder why he and his generation – Dylan, Young, Nelson, Mitchell, BB King and co – should be cherished because when they pass so do the stories, the knowledge and the spirit. I can’t recommend a night with Don and his tremendous band enough. See him while you can.

  2. This is definitely NOT in my top ten. He needs to play in a small bar with his loyal fans watching. His voice has lost that mellow smooth touch and is a bit too loud and harsh. He has been there; but time for this artist to hang up his hat.

  3. Hi Gwyn

    it’s interesting that yours is the only negative comment of the entire tour – the media review of the Sydney concert is totally opposite to your opinion. Perhaps your seats were acoustically poor – give it another go – Don will return shortly to our shores – don’t miss him like fine wine he’s getting better with age.

  4. Gwyn
    You must have been at a different show to me cause I thought his voice was as strong as ever. Songs like Crying and Vincent were as good as I’ve ever heard Don perform them.

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