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  1. Just to add a little about the Canberra concert (2011-Feb-18), written a week after the event.
    I had seen Don McLean three times previously (between 1976 and 1984) and have long considered him just about the best live artist I have seen.
    I wondered whether the voice would still hold up after all these years.
    I needn’t have been concerned. Clearly during his early songs he showed he was in fine voice and anyone who held any lingering doubts had them blown away when he did ‘Crying’ – he nailed it!
    The band was clearly composed of highly talented musicians but the balance was not perfect – the piano and lead guitar were OK but the drums/bass sounded a bit muffled as though someone were amplifying a cheap cassette player.
    Thankfully the lead vocal and Don’s guitar were front and centre and clear.
    My own preference was for the songs with minimal backing (eg ‘Homeless Brother’ with basically the Don McLean acoustic guitar and ‘Crossroads’ with just the piano backing).
    Don seemed like he wanted to be there and his enthusiasm was reflected in the music.
    The concert finished a little quickly – a big rousing singalong version of ‘American Pie’ and, after sustained applause, an encore which, if I remember correctly, was an old Johnny Cash number ‘I Guess Things Happen that Way’.
    Then he just wandered off. OK – I’m greedy – I wanted more but he was on stage for more than one and a half hours.
    A great concert (and my much younger wife thoroughly enjoyed it too).

  2. Don still has the VOICE, performed “Crying” perfectly. Looking tremendous and clearly appreciated by the audience. Thanks Don and band – great evening.


  3. Thanks for this Bob a great interview.I noticed this last time too when Don was in Australia ,is how your interviewers listen properly ,giving him the time to answer without interupting him, its real pleasure to hear.
    The more I hear about how Don does not enjoy travelling the more I realise how very lucky we are as fans, its because he loves music and singing so much and we love his music too that “we” still have him willing to travel around the world so that we have the immense pleasure of seeing him in conceet .Thank you so much Don and long may you continue.

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