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  1. Don Mclean Concert at Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

    Its been 40 years since I first heard and bought Don Mclean’s single on a 45rpm vinyl record, of his smash hit “American Pie”, that I finally got a chance to catch Don Mclean live last night – at the Esplanade Concert Hall. I had some expectations of the concert having heard greatest hits CD complilation replayed upteen times on my hi-fi and in my head.

    He came in on time in a satin green shirt and ready to perform his familiar favourites backed by his 4-piece band. His setlist included: And I Love you So, Empty Chairs, Crying, Winterwood, Crossroads, Castles In The Air, Wonderful Baby, Beatles’ cover of In My Life, Love Hurts, Jerusalem, Tulsa Time, and Superman’s Ghost. And of course, Vincent and American Pie, to rapturous applause and standing ovations. The audience were lapping it all up. It was clear that the 66-year old performer was trying to give his best and in engaging his equally matured audience – with a sing-a-long too. It was also funny to see him flumbling on stage with his various pockets searching for the right guitar picks for his songs ; or at least that’s what it looked like :-).

    Somehow however, the concert fell slighty short of my expectations. To start it was a relatively short 90 minute concert – especially when compared to the Eagles’ 3-hour concert in Singapore just some days back. Many parts of his current song arrangements were in lower keys; and understandably so as there are moments where his voice could not hit the higher notes. I was also hoping to hear some songs from his new ‘Addicted To Black’ Album but there was none. Even so I still enjoyed the concert, as I was given the opportunity to watch live one of the great singer-songwriter of the pop era; together with my daughter who is a big fan.

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