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  1. The start of the night with the Donna Dean support was entertaining with the handful of songs that she sung at the beginning. Good voice with the guitar made her sound nice. Potentially I she can sound a lot better and become moer famous with more people around her playing music to accompany her singing.
    After a short interval, Don McLean and his band entered the Michael Fowler stage in oridinally fashion. And performed two hours of nice, pleasant music to us Wellingtonians and probably to some other people who may have travelled from other places around the North Island for the concert.
    With the highlight obviously being the singing of McLeans trademark American Pie, with Vincent being great is well. The songs we were all highly anticipating to listen and see live.
    He has still got such a great voice for his age and I hope it would still be there for many years.
    Don McLean great sense of humour contributed to the night is well, taking a good amount of time to talk to us and keep us extra amused with his humour.
    With a crowd of approximately 1000 people which I thought to be disappointing, and probably to everyone who came to the concert. With the Michael Fowler Centre capacity of 2200, the Centre to be half empty is really disappointing and disrespectful to Don McLean in a way. But I hope it will not discourage him to come to Wellington again one day to entertain.
    Overall a great night of live music at the Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington from Don McLean and band.

  2. Donna Dean opened this concert with just a guitar and a very appealing voice. Her ‘warm up’ performance showed how versatile she can be and the audience were ‘well primed’ by interval time. Standout song was her’ Destination Life’ which has received international acclaim. The sound system was not quite perfect for her, possibly a microphone mismatch.
    ‘Dr.” Don McLean then gave us a generous two hours of his songs which have made him the icon of music that we all know.(His doctorate is authentic but he only insists the title be used when in the company of his friend Sir Paul McCartney).
    His song ‘Praise’ was an offering to all Kiwis for inspiration in light of the recent tragic earthquake in Christchurch.
    Don’s stage manner was subtle but dynamic especially when , after creating a ‘pin drop’ silence then softly singing the words”Starry Starry Night” to begin Vincent. The same effect was used when he sang “A long long time ago” to introduce American Pie in its longest and unabridged form with the audience taking an integral part.
    His treatment of other writers songs such as ‘Cryin’ and ‘Tulsa Time’ was done to perfection.
    One song notably absent was ‘Empty Chairs’ for which a poem was written and later resulted in Roberta Flack’s ‘Killing me Softly”
    His band of Tony Migliore/Keyboards, Jerry Croon/Drums, Ralph Childs/Bass and Carl ‘Vipp’ Viperman/lead guitar provided the perfect backing for this very professional entertainer.Standout…..Tony Migliore alternating between grand piano and synth and at times….both together.
    This was a ‘no frills’, ‘no fancy lights’, ‘no spooky mist’,’just damn good music’ performance to an audience who ,by applause, won an encore of three songs at the finish.

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