New documentary on Sky Arts 1

Further to our twitter announcement in January this is to remind British fans that a brand new documentary about Don McLean will air on Sky Arts 1 at 9pm on March 14th.

The producer, Marina Fonseca, says she had a wonderful time back in the midsts of February 2010 at Don McLean’s home where he discussed his songwriting and gave some beautiful acoustic performances.

The programme forms part of Sky’s Songbook series, which may in due course air in the States and elsewhere.

Don McLean is currently coming to the end of the latest leg of his 2010-11 World Tour having played shows in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and, tomorrow, a most eagerly awaited concert in Manila.


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  1. I had the pleasure of playing keyboards in the band featuring Don in a green shirt. Recorded at Manchester Free Trade Hall in 1991. This was followed by an appearance on TOTP. We were pre recorded at Abbey Rd studios.

  2. “Not sure what becomes of comments- however – I am discussing a class I had in High School “”20th Century American Way of Life”” and the material we studied. This included “” American Pie”” and the meaning of the lyrics. This song has left a memorable part to my life that I am passing on to my son. The imaginary aspects of the song are beautiful!”

  3. Just saw the documentary…it brought me back to my first concert ever in Cork when I was around 16! I went and bought tickets for his forthcoming concert in Dublin in June due to his excellent performance on the show tonight.

  4. Looking forward to this show.Don is a REAL star. Great singer,Great songwriter,Great guitarist. Can’t wait.

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