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  1. enjoyed the concert, my second on him since 1982 at the Folk Arts Theater…..same crisp voice and downplayed falsettos, minus the shrieks and yodels…great handshake backstage…thanks for signing my cds, painting, posters, vinyl. Great pics, too, with my wife & kids. Dream come true !-Chito Sta. Maria(McLean Archivist)

  2. watched his march 2 concert at the araneta coliseum. he was simply great, a true legend. it was one night i will never forget for the rest of my life.thank you for being you, don! you’re god’s gift to music lovers!

  3. I was at the concert last night and Don was incredible!!! His voice didn’t change a bit!!! The fans love him!!!! seeing him sing my fave songs such as Everyday, If We Try, The Birthday Song…etc made my whole year! I love him and he’s one of my inspiration! Can’t wait to blog about it!!! True genius!!P.SI love that green outfit! 🙂

  4. Don McClean is my husband’s and my favorite person and singer. Ever since the 70’s we have gotten every album he ever did. Listened till 4am on our days off. AWESOME. Even got to see him @ Milwaukee fair and in Madison. Hope to see him again.

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