Don McLean comments on Glastonbury and his UK tour

“I am looking forward to all my shows in June on my mini UK tour. Of special interest is the show at Hampton Court (I am fascinated by Henry VIII) and topped off by the Glastonbury Festival, which is an honor for me. The British public has been my great friend for 40 years.”

Don McLean will appear on the Pyramid Stage on Sunday 26th June and before that he completes a short tour around the UK and Ireland. This follows on from his full UK and European tour last year.

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  1. Of course, you have heard it before but I am so happy to let you know how much American Pie is a part of my life and it is a gift that has always brought joy to me from the first time I heard it until just a few minutes ago. It is a masterpiece that brings great emotions to me. This is the type of music that makes life worth living and when I listen to American Pie I wonder if you had any idea at the time what a monumentalal piece of culture you were creating. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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