On Tour June 2011: From Dublin to Glastonbury…

“I am looking forward to all my shows in June on my mini UK tour. Of special interest is the show at Hampton Court (I am fascinated by Henry VIII) and topped off by the Glastonbury Festival, which is an honor for me. The British public has been my great friend for 40 years.” Don McLean.

Don McLean at the Royal Albert Hall 2010 with John, Vip, Tony, Don, Ralph, Jerry, Wyatt
Don McLean at the Royal Albert Hall 2010 with John, Vip, Tony, Don, Ralph, Jerry, Wyatt

Don McLean is on tour in the UK and Ireland during June 2011:

14th June: Llandudno
15th June: Hampton Court
17th June: Dublin
19th June: Birmingham
20th June: Gateshead
22nd June: Edinburgh
23rd June: Liverpool
24th June: Nottingham
26th June: Glastonbury



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  1. Saw Don at Brighton Dome on his last show. Played all of my favourites. What a wonderful evening and great concert. We all got up to sing the main verse of American Pie. I didn´t know if Don would play again here after he did the concert 2 years ago at the Royal Albert Hall. We hung around his tour bus after the show hoping to get an autograph. He was so obliging even though he must have been tired after playing back to back songs. I loved his band who were session players from Nashville. We chatted to the drummer of the band. Man what an evening and to get a chance for a quick chat with Don. Thank you Don!

  2. Saw you in Glasgow tonight. You walked on stage and wow we were all 25 years younger! What a great show. Thank you.

  3. “Don coming to Finland at last on his 40th anniversary tour. I have a fan of him also since 1972. I have a ticket to Helsinki concert, looking forward to that…”

  4. “(Nottingham) Annie?s Nottingham Review .My last concert of 6 concerts of the tour! Yes 6 and everyone I?ve been to have been fabulous in their own right. With Don you never get the same concert twice people don?t believe me but it is true and there is no set list either.I have to say I felt quite subdued arriving in Nottingham. But with a great bunch of fans we were able to eat together before the show and share the experience afterwards at our hotel .After the concert we had laughed seeing Don?s tour bus with a group of girls on hen party climb on board only to be put off by the good natured driver.Don never fails to produce great music wherever he is and Nottingham was no exception. Good to see in the audience Alan Howard, Don?s web site producer and Ron Buck who wrote such an interesting guitar interview with Don. Another fine concert and he had his ?almost family? [see Christmas interview ] all in the front row! It was a pleasure to be so close to the stage, you get to see and feel the camaraderie that Don has both with his band and audience and how he feels his way through a concert pulling amazing songs out of the box and thrilling us all, such as ?This little light of mine? just before he went off for a break or ?It doesn?t matter anymore? just beautiful ?I was always young ?just takes your breath away sometimes.Another wonderful time with Jackie Lee on stage with her Dad just like her Dad her voice is fabulous. .All too soon for me and it?s over, this time Don took my rose from me at the front of the stage WOW I was so thrilled he saw me on the last night .In the pouring rain where it looked from what the ? bouncer? said Don would not be doing any signings he yet again stepped out of the stage door and stood aside under a canopy and meet everyone who was waiting for him a true gentleman .A young couple behind me were so pleased that they had seen a legend and now were about to meet him , they had never imagined that .For me just to able to say thank you to Don personally is enough for me to hold on to till next time. So finally Don thanks a million for coming back to the UK bringing your fabulous voice ,your amazing ? boys? Jerry ,Ralph Tony, Vip and your two special guests Jackie Lee and Wyatt..Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!”

  5. “(Liverpool) Annie?s Liverpool reviewAnother long day in the car travelling down from Scotland, after the Edinburgh concert and again worth every moment to see Don in concert. I admire Don, his band and family for the travelling they do in order that we get to hear great music all over the country .Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is by far my favourite concert hall to see Don perform at, the atmosphere and friendliness of Liverpool people, along with the most amazing acoustics, which Don always comments on. He told us to look after the Phil a beautiful building and not let ?them? pull it down He actually told us as a teenager he wrote off for and received lots of government literature and to this day has never believed a politician since , I?m right with you there Don. Anyway I have so many happy memories of seeing Don in concert at the Phil and on Thursday I gained another wonderful memory.For some of us we were able to see Don arrive at the concert hall always a personal thrill for me and to be able to give him my rose in person is so much better than having to pass it on. Don told me he?d put my rose on the stage so I was on a high before the show even started. The first half of the show was fantastic Don just gets better and better if that?s possible. A few of the highlights for were ? In my life ?, ?I was always young? ? Magdalene Lane? and ?Oh my what a shame? .The other highlight was having the very lovely Mrs McLean sit beside me, so we received more than our fair share of smiles. It was lovely to watch Don bask in the applause Jackie Lee received from a very appreciative audience, whilst sitting next to a very proud mum too .When Jackie sang it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, she was amazing ,if only there had been time for more Dad and daughter and only sorry we didn?t get Wyatt too.Afterwards it was great again to see Don signing and chatting with fans. For me a thank you to Don for fabulous concert along with a hand shake and a warm smile was enough for me, until the next time.”

  6. (Gateshead) Don was just what i expected no other like him.Also his kids WELL i want more… keep on goin DON.

  7. “(Nottingham) I memorize every line.. Fantastic concert! I loved the singing on’ Lotta Lovin’ and ‘Singing the Blues’. What a voice. ‘Chain Lightening’ – Wow! And ‘Promise to Remember’ was a wonderful surprise. So many songs.. little wonder that this show ended in a standing ovation by everybody in the theatre. Very much appreciated, Don.”

  8. “(Edinburgh) Annie?s Edinburgh Review. The journey from North Wales to Edinburgh was worth every moment. Bill H and I left my home early in the morning, so much so my husband laughed as he kissed me goodbye as he went to work and said ?you didn?t know there were two 6.30s in the day did you! But hey when you have a ticket to see Don McLean in concert I?d get up at any time. We arrived in Edinburgh collecting another fan Hannah from the airport, who had flown from Southampton that morning. The lengths we go to see Don and it?s worth it ever time. We were lucky enough to see the tour bus arrive and to talk with Don outside the Usher Hall it?s like the icing on the cake seeing him before a concert and he is most gracious with his fans.We sat in our seats in anticipation, the excitement for me is hard to contain as Bill H and Hannah know !Don took to the stage after a pregnant s pause when I thought maybe he wasn?t coming on, a few glances between the band, Tony indicated the announcement as Ralph beckoned Don on stage , with lots of laughter amongst the band..From the very first note he played on his guitar and sang he beamed, the sound was just perfect and Don knew it . Thanks to the sound guy who ever you were. What a night we had .Don?s voice was amazing and it seems hard to imagine but he just gets better and better. We were treated to such a varied programme, with Don you never know what you are going to get. As Don says he?s not an act, of course we get Madonna?s hit!, but I love that anyway as it leaves me on a real high after the show .I love the way Don smiles as he plays the first few notes and the audience connect in to it and Don absorbs the adulation, he is such a consummate performer .As fan?s when we are together, we often discuss what would be our own dream show. Well Bill you got Magdalene Lane and it was fabulous.Don talked about his worries for the future in this world but with his music in this world it is a ready a better place and with that he brought his daughter Jackie Lee on stage, how could we have any worries now .She has her ?momma?s beauty and her daddy?s eyes? and boy can she sing she was amazing and to see Don basking in delight at the reception his daughter received from the audience was just wonderful . They sang in harmony too as they sang ? Are you lonesome tonight? I hope we get to hear her again.Then concert came to an end too soon as always and I wish I could bottle that feeling of euphoria and deep pleasure after seeing Don McLean in concert. Yet again thanks to Don, his band and his daughter for a perfect concert.”

  9. (Nottingham) Don and the Band: we love you even more than we did before! is that possible? Thank you for a wonderful evening of brilliant music.

  10. (Liverpool) What a great night – Don’s voice is remarkable even after 4 decades at the top and what a pleasant suprise too was the voice of his daughter singing ‘You Belong to Me’.The Liverpool audience loved the show.

  11. (Birmingham) Fab! First time I have ever seen Don and his band live and I’ve been on a high ever since. Best night ever. Hope to see you again and again.

  12. “(Nottingham) Ok folks I will tell you now that this man is a true legend – he breathes integrity, emanates pure wisdom and graces the human race with melodies and words that penetrate your very soul, your very existence!I only knew a few DM songs before the NOttingham show last night. I bought my tickets on impulse luckily the day before. I had been at work all day the day of the show, nearly didn’t go but went straight from work knackered and in my suit – I sat down just in time at 7.30 for the show to start – within seconds of this great man striking up his beautiful acoustic guitar I knew that this was such an an honour and privilege for me to be there. There were times when my jaw was wide open, I was simply transfixed, in the moment – the closest I have ever been to enlightenment. I would love to mention some songs but I am not familiar with many so cannot recall. Mr MClean thank you for a wonderful night and whole new world of music for me to explore and indeed try and cover. Love and peace to you, your family and your band.”

  13. “(Nottingham) real mixture of songs (from memory):Lovers love the spring, promise to remember, this little light of minemagdalene lane, and i love you so, everyday, la la love you, if we try, winterwoodlotta lovin, love letters, chain lightning, mountains of mourne, crying, it doesn’t matter anymore, castles in the airvincent, jerusalem, believers, american pie, love in my heart, tulsa time/deep in the heart of texas, singin the blues, sea man, are you lonsome tonight (with daughter), You belong to me (daughter solo).Excellent performance for an appreciative audience.”

  14. “(Nottingham) Thought the great british pollen had got him, literally by the throat and then he bounced off after ‘singing the blues’. Made it a lovely night and we went home, in the rain really happy. Loved the daughter – fabulous and we have a son (20) perfect match!”

  15. “(Nottingham) What an absolutely fantastic night! Don was in such good form that he didn’t want to leave the stage for the interval, but said he wouldn’t be offended if anyone needed to go to the bathroom – as if – miss some of the show??Over two hours of singing and chat – it was magical.Hats off to Jamie Lee, she sure has a voice for a youngster.Thank you both – and that fabulous band. Come back soon.Alison…and I didn’t even mind the absence of Empty Chairs!!”

  16. Been to see Don McLean many times in Dublin over the last 25 years or so. Didn’t make it this time due to a bereavement. Love Don and his music and will surely see him again. Try playing Oh my…. by Don and listen to his lyrics and you’ll understand why he is a master and artist of the highest calibre….

  17. “(Liverpool) Saw the show last night front row, fantastic ‘real’ music. What a lyricist Don is and a wonderful touch when he sang with his daughter! My only regret is that I didn’t go forward to shake his hand at the end , doh, what a moment missed. Thank you for a most memorable evening x”

  18. (Liverpool) What a feast of songs and music. Over 2.5 hours of fab entertainment. What an honour to b in the audience. Thank you Don and Band. XX

  19. “(Liverpool) Loved your show, did not realise you country leanings. All your classics were great, my all time Beatles favourite “”in my life””evoked memories of the fab four. looking forward to Glastonbury on tv and will be looking for your next tour.”

  20. “(Liverpool) Loved your show, did not realise you country leanings. All your classics were great, my all time Beatles favourite “”in my life””evoked memories of the fab four. looking forward to Glastonbury on tv and will be looking for your next tour.”

  21. “(Edinburgh) Well me and the missus went along to the Usher Hall and were delighted by Don the band and the young Miss Mclean and now i can say to my friends that i have sung American Pie from start to end with Don and his band and enjoyed every second of it , a truly magical night thanks for the memorys .”

  22. “(Nottingham) Counting the hours until this evening in Nottingham. Looking forward to what I know will be a wonderful show – as Don’ and the band’s always are.Would especially love to hear ‘Empty Chairs’ again – but just about anything will be magical!Thanks. Hope the sun does shine on you all at Glastonbury – wish I was going to be there! “

  23. “(Liverpool) Paul Gaskell has got a point about the mixing, but it was only really noticable on American Pie when the band did drown-out Don’s vocals most of the time – also competing with the sing-along audience. But that is a small niggle on what was a truly magical evening. Don did more than two hours and we did not want him to stop. Some people suggested he could have done more patter, but to my mind he is right to let his music speak for itself.What a superb performer he is and let’s hope his daughter Jackie Lee follows in his footsteps. She has a really wonderful talent.Read my full reveiw:http://tinyurl.com/6ypfmyr

  24. “(Liverpool) Excellent show – Don was superb (and his young female protege !) Band cracking. Only niggle was the sound mix – band was overloud and Don’s voice wasn’t set up with sufficient ‘presence'(i.e. his singer’s formant wasn’t carrying ). Nice to hear ‘Where the Dark Mourne Rolls down to the Sea’ again – I wonder if Don knows that the composer of the original song, Irishman Percy French, is buried in a churchyard at Formby, just a few miles up the coast from Liverpool !”

  25. “(Liverpool) what a terrific show enjoyed by everyone at the venue i think, judging by the applause and the standing ovation at the end of the show one of the best folk singers in the world Most enjoyable come back soon Don.”

  26. “(Liverpool) Was lucky enough to be in Liverpool last night. Fantastic evening, wonderful meaningful music. We all thought that it was a lovley touch to listen to Don’s daughter who by the way has a fab voice…one to watch!Thank youDebbie, Dave, Margaret & Bill x”

  27. I went to Birmingham last Sunday to fulfill a lifetimes ambition and was over the moon to be singing American Pie with Don.

  28. “I own a censored single of American Pie bought in Spain during the dictatorship and the whole phrase “”and the three men I admire most, the father, son and holy ghost”” is beeeped out!! all you hear is : beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! For years I never knew what or who went on that train to the coast!!”

  29. (Birmingham) Dear Don and the band-Thank you for a wonderful and memorable evening-We loved all the music and we especially liked the rendition of Crossroads It was well worth the journey we took from Essex to be there.Love was all around.

  30. (Dublin) Super concert. Good song selection and quality supporting musicians. Helix venue is still bedding down and can have some acoustic issues for certain artists but this was not a difficulty for Don and band. Have requested an autograph at some point in earlier request on the Contact part of site ( forgot to include email which is ######## -would love one for the family) Look forward to your return to Ireland. All the best Eunan Watters

  31. “(Edinburgh) Great night, great songs.Would have loved for you to have finished with Stardust, a favourite of mine”

  32. “(Edinburgh) What a great show. So impressed by Don’s enthusiasim and energy. He puts more into his act than many a performer half his age. My only suggestion is that an encore would have been nice. I was awaiting “”Addicted to Black”” and then the main lights came up. But it was a great gig and I’ll be back for more first chance I get. My partner who first saw him more than 30 years ago was equally impressed. Keep up the good work !”

  33. “(Edinburgh) Fantastic night, Don’s voice is better than ever and he is such a sincere down to earth performer, everyone loved his performance in Edinburgh with a great guest appearance from his 21 year old daughter Jackie. Great night.”

  34. “(Gateshead) Thankyou all so much for a great concert, lovely to meet your son and daughter, they were delightful. I had been a big fan in the 70’s and then families life etc happened… Your voice, humility, the songs – the poetry and emotional effect of your words, such pleasure and joy thankyou Don.”

  35. “(Gateshead) We were entertained by Don and his band at the Sage Gateshead on Monday 2oth June 2011. He performed to a near full house and sang all our old favourites. He introduced his Daughter and Son during the second half of the show and they too were brilliant. Good look with the rest of the tour and Glastonbury on Sunday. Safe journey home>”

  36. (Birmingham) Fantastic concert on Sunday evening – Don Mclean never disappoints! Even better to see him perform with Wyatt who sounds just like him.I do hope Don is back next year !!Thank you to all the support team as well.

  37. “(Gateshead) We had the pleasure of seing Don and his band last night at Gateshead and he was not disappointing at all, quite the contrary, it was a great night. An unexpected performance of several numbers by his two teenage children was also a pleasure to hear, its in the family genes! We travelled just under a 100miles in round trip from our home town and was worth the effort to see one of worlds finest singer/songwriters who though popular, maybe never got the full recognition he deserves. He still enjoys touring and appreciates the live audience. It was a pleasure to see him perform and we had a wonderful evening of entertainment and judging by the standing ovation from everyone in the audience, in a venue full to the rafters, I guess they did too. Well done Don, from your fans in the Northeast of England. Enjoy the rest of your tour and a safe trip home.”

  38. “(Gateshead) Was priviledged to see Don at Gateshead Sage; a great venue for his unique talents. A real ‘legend’, it is obvious that he still loves his music and loves to entertain. Long may it continue, I have been a fan since he started and have been granted growning up with music, like his, of the highest standard. Thanks Don and all his group!”

  39. “(Birmingham) The band slipped on to the stage quietly almost unnoticed , but once they start playing they really are noticed, what a great bunch of fabulous musicians without which we wouldn?t get such amazing spine tingling songs as Crossroads it gets me every time ,just beautiful and lets us all know just how strong Dons voice is. I was close to the front which is always a bonus, even though being so close doesn?t always mean the best sound but Don will shine through whatever.We had an eclectic mix of songs, I never wish for any particular song then I?m never disappointed. But to hear Don?s voice on Angry Words, My Love was True together with Love Hurts , Wow ! Sea Man was a real surprise accompanied by Don himself with some great guitar which brought the song alive even more. Don told us he had lived in the Middle East for 2 years whilst recording in Nashville.He was talkative, funny and very engaging and clearly very happy to have his family with him, there were allot of smiles for his wife in the audience who unobtrusively took photograph?s and must have been so proud when Wyatt came on stage with Dad for a few numbers and it was real treat to see them sing together and for some of us probably brought back our memories from an early Don. Waytt was fabulous at harmonising with his Dad.American Pie brought fans in to the aisles dancing and clearly pleased Don and he received a standing ovation, AP always leaves me on a high. Don said we probably spent our money on alcohol and drugs and food cost so much these days and he thanked us very much for coming out to see him , who could miss him and who needs alcohol or drugs when you have Don?s music in you lifer. Finally at the end of the concert I gave Don my own red rose, cut from garden that morning. It?s my way of saying thanks Don So for me it was a perfect evening and was worth that long drive there and an a very early start to get back to work the next day, I was so tired but so happy. I don?t know how Don does it, he must be so exhausted as every night he gives it his all and you can?t say that for many artists . Thanks once again Don for coming back to the UK long may you continue. “

  40. “(Gateshead) Just got in from the concert – I have waited 40 years to see Don McLean. It was worth the wait, absolutely brilliant. Thank you!! xx”

  41. (Birmingham) Fantastic show. Just as good if not better than 4 years ago when I last saw Don. Thought his son was very good. American Pie just gets better every time I see him. Sang some songs which I had not heard for a long time. Come back soon Don please with your son as well.

  42. “I went to see Don McLean in Birmingham last night. A magical night. A true performer, with brilliant talent…..Vincent still brings a tear to my eye….For anyone thinking of going to a concert….GO! xx”

  43. “(Birmingham) Hi Don,Great show at Birmingham my wife and I really enjoyed it.I have waited a long time to see you Don but it was well worth it.I was grew up to your music and probably know all the words to your songs.We both hope you will return to the UK sometime soon. Best wishes to your family and yourself. Jim & Hazel Roberts.”

  44. “(Birmingham) Magical, just a wonderful night, that wonderful voice held us spellbound fantastic….Don’s son too has the voice and someday will be a big star like dad,really enjoyed every moment..thank you so much”

  45. “(Birmingham) Great GIG last night, brilliant rousing finsh with AP, Seen DM 3 times now and will see him next time he comes to Brum”

  46. “(Birmingham) FANTASTIC GIG LAST NIGHT GUYS!It was my 4th Don McLean concert dating back to 1987, I saw you in my home town of Derby in 1987 when I was your son’s age, then in Sydney Australia in 1994, then the Albert Hall in London circa 2007 or 2008 and then last night at Birmingham Symphony Hall! And I’m not through yet – see you at GLASTONBURY this coming weekend! Last night was the best so far as it was the 1st time my wife had seen you live!Enjoy the rest of the tour Don and your great band!John Osborne – London”

  47. (Dublin) Positives first..Don put on a wonderful show in Dublin..played most of his hits and had the crowd eating out of his hand for over 2 hours..Jackie Lee (what a set of pipes) & Wyatt were great in that wonderfully innocent & awkward way..& both have a future in music no doubt! Negatives – yet again the Helix lets itself down miserably on the sound front – it simply doesn’t work – thankfully during the interval someone told the sound guy to bring up Don’s vocals & to turn down the band. Incredible musicians but the first 5 or 6 songs of the concert consisted of Don’s still amazing voice competing with a fusion of guitar/bass/piano & drums NOISE..& while I’m at it..Don’s guitar sounded pretty bad at times too..but the power of his voice & his songs balanced things out by the end of the night…next time around let’s see if we can fill the Grand Canal Theatre instead…the Helix really sucks the big one..& needs to stop masquerading as a venue for these kind of artists (I had a similar experience there with Mary Chapin Capenter)…Rant over!

  48. “(Birmingham) What a brilliant gig,your a godwhyat has a big futureyour a master of your craftlooking forward to next time”

  49. “(Birmingham) Well we didn’t get Jackie in Birmingham just a barefooted Wyatt wearing flipflops! Don introduced him by saying “”This is Wyatt McLean, he’s a sophomore in college and can’t afford shoes!”” which got a big laugh.Wyatt sang a self-penned song on his own and then he and Don did three songs together – a song called ‘Electricity’, a Josh White number and the Everly’s ‘Walk Right Back’. Wyatt’s singing and playing were excellent and a nice addition to the show. Hopefully Jackie will return too, since by all accounts she was outstanding in Dublin!The show ran for over two and a half hours in two sets with about a 20 minute interval. Unfortunately the sound wasn’t all it might have been even though Don asked about it after the first song and had his voice level increased. It rather felt like it was going around us in row 3. The Symphony Hall has a wide stage with a high atrium and the speakers were out at the edge of the stage. I’ve had some dodgy sound experiences here before, and though it did seem to improve near the end it wasn’t a patch on the lovely full sound of Hampton Court. Apart from regular stuff we got a nioe Sea Man (with Don just strumming gently on the guitar), Angry Words and My Love Was True. Winterwood and Empty Chairs were back in favour and we got the Headroom/Dreidel combo. Don and the crew are today headed north to Gateshead and I am spending time in a lovely sunny Birmingham prior to rejoining the tour for three consecutive nights in Edinburgh, Liverpool and Nottingham. “

  50. (Birmingham) Another fantasic night and real treat to hear son Wyatt singm Come back soon and bring Wyatt we want to hear more.

  51. “Saw Don McLean at Birmingham Symphony Hall this evening. He still can draw in the audience and his songs were as good as ever. This man’s voice just seems to deliver the same magic as always. We were back to the early 70’s and living our youth again! But the journey didn’t stop there and we had songs from many of his different albums of the years. Great to hear him singing with his son, the music is definitely in the genes! Many favourites in the show tonight including Crossroads, Dreidel and Winterwood. Still no Birthday Song!”

  52. “(Birmingham) Thank you for another incredible concert!We came to Don’s concert in Birmingham last year and it was a fantastic show. The Symphony Hall is a wonderful venue for Don’s sound, and I thought the acoustics were just right.It was great to hear my favourite songs, particularly Empty Chairs, which is a song my mum and I were disappointed not to hear last year. Yet again, the pianist was great. Crossroads was so beautiful I was almost moved to tears. There were also a few more rock-y songs, which got some enthusiastic members of the audience up dancing, much to my delight. It was really a fun-filled evening. American Pie was, as always, met with singing and hand-clapping. I really admire Don for playing his hits night after night, and I’d like to thank him and his band for that.It was a really pleasant surprise to hear Don’s son play. He has a remarkable voice, very similar to his father’s. He is also clearly a very talented guitarist, and not to mention really cute. :)I was probably the youngest person there, at 15, but I’ll keep coming back because I just love the music so much. I hope he’ll come again. (Please?) :)”

  53. “(Dublin) I need to turn back time. I need to experience Don McLean’s Dublin concert at least two more times. This is essential. Until I figure out how to do this, here are a few impressions:Don McLean’s performance was brilliant. I haven’t heard him sing like this in a while. I believe he sang for about 2 hours – I certainly wasn’t checking my watch because a Don McLean concert seems to command the attention of all my senses. Don came on stage smiling and full of energy and started off with two Buddy Holly songs followed by ‘La La Love You’. He then told us that he would bring on his two children for the first time ever after the break and everybody gave a big round of applause and started cheering.He sang most of the favourite songs. Especially memorable was a heartfelt rendition of ‘Empty Chairs’ – it was the best I have ever heard him sing this song. During ‘Homeless Brother’ and ‘Vincent’ you could have heard a pin drop. ‘Food on the Table’ and ‘Have You Seen Me’ got the crowd going. ‘Crossroads’ was just beautiful. I especially enjoyed ‘Jerusalem’, as well as a brilliant and upbeat rendition of ‘Lotta Loving’ and ‘He’s Got You’ where he really showed what he can do with his voice. Don also sang ‘In a Museum’ which I haven’t heard in a good few years and he made a wonderful job of it. There were so many songs I’m leaving out here, ‘Bronco Bill’s Lament’, ‘Crying’, so much more but everything delivered with a voice and this incredible ornamentation that was so perfect. One woman shouted down ‘ You Rock Don’ and she certainly expressed the view of all of us. Furthermore, we got to sing along to ‘This Little Light of Mine’ where Don’s brilliant musicians each got a chance to show off their playing and of course, he did ‘Mountains of Mourne’ seeing this was Dublin. Maybe the next time he might sing ‘No Irish Need Apply’ ;-)During the second half Don sat down, talked about the quality of songs written in the 30s, 40s and 50s and sang ‘Wonderful Baby’ and ‘Walk Right Back’. Again, using his unbelievable voice to full effect. He then brought his two children onto the stage introducing them as Jackie Lee and Wyatt McLean. They sang a few songs on their own while Don sat back and enjoyed a couple of sips of his pint of Guinness and finally they all sang together with Don. It was beautiful. They have obviously inherited their father’s musical talent. Let’s just say, when Jackie sang, I started crying which only ever happened to me listening to Don’s voice. So well done Jackie 🙂 Wyatt plays the guitar just like his Dad and he’s great. It was so nice to see them perform together.The concert finished with ‘American Pie’ where we again got a chance to sing along and I noticed a lot of very happy, smiling faces. Scientists from Cardiff University have proven that June 17, the day of this Dublin concert is the happiest day of the year. Hey, I could have told you that with Don McLean in town! I just hope that some television company would record those concerts so that we are able to relive the moments again. And yes, Don, we do spend our money “”on alcohol, drugs and other illicit activities”” but nothing beats a live Don McLean concert. Thank you Don for coming to Dublin!”

  54. (Hampton Court) Great concert – Don Mclean gives value and it is appreciated – loved the fact he learned Anne Boleyn!

  55. (Hampton Court) Don Mclean concert at Hampton Court Palace Magnificent Stupendous Fabulous magical evening

  56. “(Llandudno) Annie?s view The sun was shining as Don?s tour bus pulled in to Venue Cymru, only the second time he has ever been so close to my home.We are so lucky that Don has returned to the UK so soon after his last tour.Thanks Don. The four of us who were waiting to greet him were so thrilled as Don stepped off the bus he met us with a beaming smile. It was real pleasure to chat freely with him, he is very thrilled about the Grand Rapids AP Lyp Synch on You Tube, if you haven?t watched it you should! it?s amazing .He looked fabulous too and I told him so ,he has lost so much weight and he told me he?d been trying. He also told us there was no support and did we mind it was just him! As if we?d mind, it just meant for us more of Don.I was also able to give Don my red rose in person which was real thrill. Luck was on my side and we had front row seats which my husband had bought for me.It was wonderful as you see the subtle nuances of the band and how they work with Don ,they are all such great musicians. You also see the fun they have, they all enjoy his music so much. I heard someone outside after the show ask who else famous they had played with, as if it matters and someone else just said well they are fantastic so it doesn?t matter who else they?ve played with.Don stepped out on stage dressed in black jeans and a beautiful silky blue/ grey shirt. I have heard someone say his voice was like his shirt, smooth and silky. He clearly showed us that beautiful voice, he loves to play with his voice and we had some real treats like Crossroads, which makes me tingle all over and Smoke gets in your Eyes just beautiful . Every song he sings he puts so much emotion in he must be exhausted when he goes off stage. What I love about Don?s shows is you never know what you are going to get it?s like lifting the lid off a Pandora?s box. As a fan we all hope for certain songs but I really don?t mind as I just love his voice.Sadly the show had to come to an end and he went off stage to rapturous applause ,we had barely applauded and called for an encore and the house lights were up ,so Don we did want you back but we weren?t given the chance .He was so gracious afterwards signing and having photographs taken,he told me to drive carefully when I told him we would see him tomorrow at Hampton Court,a very lovely feeling knowing you?re going to see Don again in concert.”

  57. “Was at Dons show tonight in the Helix in Dublin – very enjoyable, love his songs and his kids have great potential. Disappointingly, the sound production in the theatre was dreadful – everyone around me remarked on the poor sound.”

  58. (Dublin) Just in from the concert in The Helix Dublin. Absolutely fabulous night. Don’s voice is getting even better with time. The musicians were outstanding & Don’s son & daughter also performed & were warmly received.

  59. “(Hampton Court) Months of excitement came to fruition at Hampton Court seeing Don in concert.A wonderful setting steeped in history, almost felt you could feel our ancestors watching from the windows as they walked the corridors.(with their heads tucked under their arms!) The weather was perfect, a beautiful sunset over the most amazing brickwork of Hampton Court,the staff were friendly and welcoming. Being a gardener I have to comment on the most beautiful Agapanthus of blue and white, just gorgeous.Don strode on stage dressed in black looking amazing, I?m sure he?s getting younger!He wowed us for just over 90 minutes and quietened us all down with his eyes and a beautiful smile, after his most famous song and then left us on a wonderful high laughing and singing with him about Henry VIII, can?t get that song out of my head now! He managed the guy in front of us who had a ball, knew all the words but shouted out endlessly and never stopped moving, playing air guitar and passing us his imaginary microphone! Some of my personal magic moments were, Vincent just breath taking ,he made me cry and Love Hurts, Don?s diction and clarity is just fabulous and his voice as smooth as ever.As always I loved it all and I?m floating on here on Cloud 9.Tony, Vip, Ralph and Jerry you deserve your own mention all so talented in your own right and you compliment Don so well, thank you so much.To the sound engineer who ever you were thank you for great sound and to all the fans I meet and spend time with thank you for indulging me with my endless excitement and chatter about Don, you know who you are and am so grateful.”

  60. “(Hampton Court) Outdoor shows make me nervous for two reasons. First of all there is the major risk that the British weather will fail to co-operate. Secondly, the sound can often be suspect. The sky didn?t look too hopeful travelling down a congested M6 from the opening show in North Wales – leaden with occasional rain. But at least it was dry, if overcast, when we reached Hampton Court at about 5 o?clock. We said a silent prayer to the weather gods. Waiting in the car whilst my two companions went to locate a fellow fanatic my Don-tuned ears picked up the unmistakeable sound of the sound check in progress. I felt that it was my duty to check things personally, and walked towards the source. I soon came to some metal barriers covering the entry to the courtyard from within which the sound was emanating from. There was a chap there who I assumed was security of some sort but when I asked him he turned out to just be a freeloader like myself. Actually he seemed to be a professional freeloader, but that?s a longer tale! I would have been happy enough to listen from there, but it got much better as I found that connections in high places (thanks Mrs McLean!) had given the four of us access to sit in on the check. For a fan these bonuses are priceless, having Don perform just for us! Don tends to perform complete songs even at a sound check and in the portion I saw he sang two very personal ballads ?Angry Words? and ?Don?t Forget Me? ? both rarely seen in concerts and especially poignant with his wife and family sat six feet away!I could therefore attest that things were sounding good and that the venue was magnificent. The shows for this concert series are located in a lovely courtyard deep in this historic building. It is indeed so historic that we were later informed that we couldn?t take chocolate into the show as foodstuffs were banned because they might stain the 500 year old cobblestones!! I?m surprised we didn?t need to take our shoes off frankly! After all, they managed to wipe off all the blood from all those beheadings and we were planning to eat the chocolate, not smear it on the ground.Disdaining the ?35 Jamie Oliver picnic hampers we adjourned for a curry instead. It wasn?t too long however before we were headed back inside for the show proper, choosing to rough it rather than invest in the ?2.50 cushions (at ?65 a ticket I rather feel cushions ? and possibly servants – should be thrown in!) We were suddenly just anonymous faces in the crowd – you want to be able to wear a big badge saying ?I was at the sound check? just so everyone knows! Promptly at 9 o?clock the band made their way to the usual places and Don kicked of the show in his traditional way with a Buddy Holly medley. The sound was contained beautifully within the ancient walls and exceeded many purpose built theatres I have been in. Don was clearly in awe of the place, commenting that he had visited on a schedule break during a previous tour but never ever expected to be playing there. He commented later that the show was one of the most memorable of his 40 year career, and it certainly was a privilege to be there.It can?t praise higher than to say that Don and the band produced a performance to match the surroundings. The atmosphere was wonderful and all the songs were well-received. ?Crying? and ?And I Love You So? were particular highlights, along with a soulful ?Love Hurts?. There was a song about a failed artist and a long one about people shivering in February and driving around in levees which seemed to please many, so much so that Don felt compelled to repeat part of it! It was then that he pulled a rabbit from the hat. He had dug out of god knows where an old Stanley Holloway comedy song about Henry and his wives, even updating it with reference to Wayne Rooney. This was vintage McLean, a whimsical ditty perfectly matched to the setting and getting the audience singing along spontaneously with the catchy chorus. Despite images of plane crashes, severed ears and beheaded queens, the mellow satisfied mood in the crowd making there way home was tangible. The weather, sound and music gods had all been good to us. “

  61. (Hampton Court) was a great night and the concert was excelent as usual.even the cold could not dampen the evening once don was on stage you forgot about the weather and enjoyed the show.the accoustics and the surroundings added to an evening of fun which don always mannages to give to his audience a song of henry V111 with a touch of wayne rooney was great fun and we the audience were in stitches and don always had that special way of getting his audience to sing along and some of us dancing in the isles great night for a super star.please come back soon.oh the band were also great.

  62. “(Llandudno) Llandudno was fantastic although I thought it was slightly different to Don’s shows of previous years. Not as many of his own songs – ‘tho’ the favourites were there, of course. Lots of stomping ‘rock’ which everyone enjoyed – including Don and his excellent musicians – and some relaxed conversation. Don seems more laid back these days! I missed ‘Empty Chairs’ and ‘I was Always Young’ but there just ain’t time for everything! ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’ was wonderful and I would love to hear Don sing Sinatra’s ‘September of my Years’ sometime.Can’t wait to see Don and the boys in Nottingham next week. That is another joy of his shows – no two are the same and maybe he’ll sing some more of my personal favourites there.Even if the voice isn’t as strong as it was 40 years ago when it slides down the notes the shivers still run down my spineThank you, Don for the enjoyment you always give. I hope you enjoy your stay – wish I could have been at all your concerts!!.Just have to ask – after the show I saw a man standing on the promenade outside the Venue. From the back it looked like Don (changed into jeans!) and I wanted to go over just in case but was talked out of it. PLEASE, please say it wasn’t Don!!AlisonPS Loved the ‘Arts programme’ interview – not the usual banal questions and ‘trying-to-sound-interested’relies!!”

  63. “(Hampton Court) The time of my life, a wonderful voice a lovely setting, a fantastic 60th birthday present from my daughter”

  64. “(Hampton Court) Unfortunately it was not picnic weather, but at least the rain held off for the concert. Don started with a medley of Buddy Holly numbers and culminated with a hilarious rendition of ‘ With her head tucked underneath her arm’ about Anne Boleyn and Henry V111. Very apt for Hampton Court Palace, and written about 80 years ago! A fantastic concert in an amazing setting. Don and his band were in terrific form.”

  65. “(Hampton Court) -A remarkable evening at Hampton Court Palace. Don McLean and his band were truly magnificent.I think McLean is at his best with soft, gentle songs with little accompaniment. ?Homeless Brother? and ?Mountains of Morne? are the types of song which really suit him.The rendition of ?Crying? tonight was absolutely exquisite – quite superb, and probably, for me, the highlight of the evening. It was greatly enhanced by some brilliant swelling keyboard work by Tony Migliore.It was also great to hear ?Vincent? against a night sky (which was unfortunately not starry, starry). What a chillingly beautiful song that is!And now I?ve heard Don McLean so tenderly sing ?And I love you so?, I realise it is one of the greatest love songs ever.And, of course, there was a real storming performance of ?American Pie? complete with everyone standing up and dancing, singing along, re-doing the first verse and redoing the end. Quite brilliantly done.All in all a brilliant evening and for the age of 65, Mr McLean has certainly still got his beautiful voice.At the end, bless him, old Don brought out an old song made famous by Stanley Holloway, specially for the setting of Hampton Court Palace: ?With ?er ?Ead tucked underneath ?er arm?. It was a really nice touch, which demonstrated that Mr McLean really was genuinely thrilled to be at such an historic venue.”

  66. “(Hampton Court) brilliant evening, highlighted by finally getting to sing-a-long to American Pie, waited 40years for that!Loved the final humourous and site approriate rendition of ‘With Her Head Tucked underneath her Arm’. Don’s voice still as clear and as moving as when i once was a teenager. A night to remember.”

  67. “(Llandudno) Don and his band gave an absolutely superb performance. The show was well attended for a weekday night, and Don had a great interaction with the audience. Apart from the great set, his chats between the songs were interesting, informative and entertaining. We particularly enjoyed Mountains of Mourne, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Have You Seen Me, Lovesick Blues, plus all the great favourites from his albums and some great rock and roll. We were very impressed with the band, especially the keyboard player. A bit disappointed that when Don asked for the house lights to be put up during the reprise of American Pie, this did not happen in Llandudno! A full show, 2 hours with just a 15 minute break, Don made sure we got value for our money. As he said, we could have bought food, or various other things, but we chose to buy tickets and it was well worth it. Great to see you in Llandudno again, Don. Thanks to you and the band. Have a great tour. Maureen and Roy Jones from Pwllheli.”

  68. “(Llandudno) PS to what I wrote before…Loved the fact that you sat and talked for a bit,made the event intimate.Thoroughly enjoyed the acerbic wit.Only sorry there was no encore,but you had to get to London.Live and Love Well.”

  69. “(Llandudno) Thoroughly enjoyed last nights concert.There were a couple of sound glitches at the beginning,but,hey,that is the beauty of live performance.Things were swiftly sorted out and a great evening was had by all.Great “”dirty sounding”” backing band..good job guys and thank you Mr M for your music.Only wish I could be at Hampton Court tonight ! Music stirs the soul and we all left the theatre buzzing with the great tunes we enjoyed.Welcome back to the UK and may your concerts go from strength to strength.You are a true Troubador.Love and Blessings to all.”

  70. “(Llandudno) First time seeing Don McLean- whose songs were the theme to my younger days- and what pleasure to sing along to American Pie . I missed hearing ‘Beautiful Baby’ another of my favourites and I would have liked an encore – but what a well presented , enthusiastic and enjoyable experience. And I could have told you Don- they ARE listening still. Thanks for the Visit. “

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