American Pie LipDub

5,000 people parading through the streets of Michigan’s second largest city, Grand Rapids, lip synching to Don McLean’s “American Pie.”

This version of “American Pie” is from Don McLean’s 1976 album called “Solo”, still widely available.


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  1. So glad they choose a live version of AP. If you’ve not seen Don live – Trust me it’s even better than the recorded stuff.

  2. A great song with a great purpose that could only be possible in America. Grand Rapids – you are not only very alive but in everybody’s home around the world!

  3. I CANNOT wait – 4 weeks today and I’ll be watching the great man sing this song live at Glastonbury. Wait ’til you hear the crowd then, it’s going to be spine tingling, goose bump stuff. May the sun shine on you in the meantime,Best wishesSusannahLondon, England

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