Don McLean @ Glastonbury Festival

Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, UK. 26 June 2011.

On Stage at Glastonbury
On Stage at Glastonbury

Summer returned with the warmest day of the year and Don McLean taking the main stage at Glastonbury for a one-hour set:

Medley – Well Alright, Peggy Sue Got Married
La La Love You
Love in my Heart
Homeless Brother
Have You Seen Me
Tulsa Time/Deep in the Heart of Texas
American Pie
I Gotta Know
Sea Man

Don McLean Live at Glastonbury on the BBC

The Pyramid Stage crowd area was packed with approximately 100,000 Glastonbury fans joining Don singing American Pie, but they loved the whole set with Love in my Heart and Crying also getting a huge response.

View from the Pyramid Stage
View from the Pyramid Stage
BBC recorded the whole show
BBC recorded the whole show
Don finishes with "Sea Man"
Don final song, “Sea Man”



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  1. “When I was 14 years old, I heard A.P. for the first time. I remember I was thinking: “”This is a song I newer will get tired of””. Now I`m 53, and it is still true! I like his live versions best, and have been so fortunate to see and hear Mr. McLean at 4 conserts in Norway, the first in -79 I think, and the last i april 2009. Don Mclean has meant a lot to me as a singer and song wrighter, and as an inspiration for my own song wrighting. He deserves an audiense of 100.000!”

  2. “Don and his brilliant musicians nailed every song; they were clearly determined to do their best performances. As always, Don was tuned into the audience; he chose to sing American Pie slightly earlier and surprised everyone by finishing with “Sea Man”. The crowd would be dancing all day, but this song gave them something to think about.”

  3. This clip takes me back to 1975 in Sydney’s Hyde Park when Don did a free concert for his fans at the end of his tour and before he left for home.

  4. “I was there, and enjoyed being transported back through the years to when I bought and listened to Bye Bye Miss American Pie, copying down the words into a notebook, and singing along.”

  5. “You brought the blue skies to Glastonbury Don, fantastic! Just wish I could have been there.”

  6. “Very happy with Don at Glastonbury. Of course we were all waiting for the big one but after making everyone happy with American Pie, he belts out Sea Man; which I had never heard before. It totally blew me away. It was the perfect festival song and it made for a really stirring finish.”

  7. He was as good as ever in Birmingham last Sunday so I am looking forward to this Sunday’s performance too.

  8. “Don McLean was great in 1970 just before American Pie was released nationally , I remember him being very politically savy for the day and loved his humor and of couse his music, love ya man…”

  9. Sooooooooooo looking forward to hearing this at Glastonbury (please?). It’d be another lifelong ambition achieved.

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