The Don McLean Band

Don McLean is accompanied by four top Nashville musicians:

Tony Migliore (keyboards, piano)

Tony’s education in music includes studying at the Julliard School of Music, Eastman School of Music, along with graduate studies in performance and arranging at both North Texas State and Columbia University. Tony also served as a pianist and arranger for the United States Military Academy Band at West Point.

As a musician, producer, arranger, and conductor in Nashville, Tony has worked with many great performers such as Don McLean, KD Lang, Chet Atkins, and Mickey Gilley. Tony has conducted many major orchestras including the National Symphony, Rochester Philharmonic, Honolulu Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, along with show orchestras at the MGM Grand, Aladdin, Harrah’s and Sand’s in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City, and the the Tonight Show Band.
About Don, Tony says:

“Having been a studio musician for many years, I have worked with many singers of varying degrees of talent, some famous, some not. I have found that few have respect for other singers. But Don has earned the respect of his peers. Years ago I performed with the legendary Chet Atkins, genius of the guitar, and one who recognizes true musical talent. In every one of his performances, Chet would play a haunting version of ‘Vincent.’ He told me that Don McLean is a song-writing genius and a ‘singer’s singer.’”

 Jerry Kroon (drums)

Jerry is a Nashville legend has worked on nearly 200 albums in total. About working with Don, Jerry says: “Don is one of the finest singers I have known. His voice is truly his instrument of communication. Long after most singers from the 1970s have lost the spark and passion for singing and, frankly, the ability to sing, Don has taken his singing to a higher level. His song-writing is amazing. He paints pictures with his lyrics and his voice.”

David Smith (bass guitar)


David Smith has been a recording musician in Nashville since 1975. He has played many types of music including country, pop, jazz and gospel and has recorded with such artists as Alabama, Billy Currington, Easton Corbin, George Jones, Gene Watson, Bill Gaither, Loretta Lynn, Buddy Emmons and many others.

David played on many syndicated television shows such as Country’s Family Reunion, Bill Gaither Homecoming series, That Good Ol Nashville Music, CMA Award show and many more…

David joined the band in August 2011 and says: “I am very excited to be working with Don McLean. I have always loved his singing and writing. To work with Don is truly an honor and a highlight in my career. I have also worked with Jerry and Tony in the studio for many years now, and have a great admiration for their work and talents.”

David is currently ill and therefore Bob Wray is currently appearing with the band.

Vip Vipperman (guitar)

Vip Vipperman has been an award winning songwriter, publisher, recording musician and producer in Nashville since 1977.

As a guitarist, Vip has recorded in the studio or on television with a host of country, pop, and jazz artists – including 25 members of the Country Music Hall of Fame. He has been staff guitarist on The NBC Series ‘The Nashville Palace’, ‘The Hee Haw Show’, ‘The Colgate Country Showdown’, now called ‘The Texaco Country Showdown’, ‘Country Gold’, The American Arthritis Foundation Telethon’ as well as many others. Vip also co-wrote the themes for ‘The Hee Haw Show’, ‘The Colgate Country Showdown’, and ‘The Texaco Country Showdown’ with the shows’ music director Charlie McCoy.

As a songwriter, Vip has had #1 songs on the Country Music Chart, the Texas Music Chart, The Gospel Music Chart, and on the CMT Video Chart. He wrote the first hit songs for both Randy Travis and Trace Adkins – who has recorded 5 of Vip’s songs. George Jones, Reba McEntire, Charley Pride, Connie Smith, Emmylou Harris and LeAnn Rimes are among the many other artists who have recorded Vip’s songs. Garth Brooks currently performs a Vip song in his Live in Vegas show. Vip has had songs in several movies as well as 25 television series including Weeds, Days of Our Lives and The World’s Dumbest Criminals.

“I have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest musical talents on the planet, but I have to say that Don McLean is in a class by himself. I am constantly amazed when playing with him. He is a superb guitarist, one of the best true vocalists working today, and his catalog of songs is unbelievable. Plus, his onstage ability to reach and move his audience is unparalleled. Don is the real deal, a true ‘Artist’. It is an honor and privilege to make music with him.”

Tony, Jerry, Don, and former members Pat and Ralph. Taken 2003.



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  1. Just been blown away by Don and his magnificent band at Bexhill on 2018 UK tour. Brilliant from start to finish. Magnificent musical energy and so positive about life. One question: who played the Gretsch last night?

  2. Been a fan of Don McLean’s from his very first hit record “American Pie.” Bought that album and several others. Really a great songwriter and singer. Glad to know he hasn’t stopped performing and still enjoys travelling around the country. Wish him peace and health and continued success!

  3. Glad to see your doing another UK tour
    We are coming to the show at the Barbican in York
    It’s always a brilliant show
    Thanks again

  4. Please can you do a UK tour ,We first saw you in Harrogate,you ,your guitar,and a guy on piano ,it was fantastic .Saw you in Birmingham in 2012 ,again a stunning night ,thanks for the music ,and please leave Maine one more time to visit us in England again

  5. I remember the first time hearing American Pie on the the radio. I was stunned! Had to stop the car and just listen. To hear something like that well it’s the best damn song I’ve ever heard. To put all of the images into a flowing narrative and to hear it sung by such an incredible voice it was and still is just great.

  6. “Saw Mr McLean in Minot N.D. to a nearly empty crowd. I was blown away how great this man is/was. I sat nearly in front first one in. Will never forget, wish I had asked for autograph. But to embaassed to ask, to step up on stage after show. Could see food setup for him and small band. Never forget t! 🙂 🙂 :-)”

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