Don McLean Lifetime Achievement Award



Don McLean was presented with his BBC lifetime achievement award on February 8th in a show broadcast live on British TV and worldwide via BBC radio. Don performed two songs – “And I Love You So” and “Homeless Brother” – which drew a major reaction and for a while Don was ‘trending’ on Twitter!

Don said: “The UK audience has been among the most loyal for over 40 years and without them certainly I wouldn’t be considered for this honour, so I thank the BBC and I thank the British public.”

Earlier in the evening Don was interviewed and performed live versions of Castles in the Air and Everyday on the Simon Mayo Drivetime show on radio 2.




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  1. “Some how…I missed Don’s music in the 70s. A terrible sin. Now that I’ve aged a bit, I find his lyrics and music wonderful. As I work at my PC, I play the sounds and fully relax. A soulsearching experience. When will Don do an America tour…I hope soon, I missed him once…I hope never again. Thanks, Don for your great talent…stay well and sing/write forever.. Many Regards”

  2. “Very cautionary tail, American Pie, seems the radicals from the 60’s wants are coming to fruition. I’m up for the fight, American Pie.”

  3. Several folks have said the SURF Ballroom should have Don back. I could not agree more! What a reception Don would receive. This year’s crowd was unbelievable in it’s love and genuine appreciation for all the performers! I think Don’s return to the SURF should become a project for us all! 😉

  4. “I just heard American Pie again….and though I have never listened to your other music (that I know of :0) I had to share. My dad was a hippy….. lol. graduated in 1970 and I came along in 1972. He ONLY played all that wacky music and the one I would beg to come on was this song called American Pie………… imagine a 6 year old loving that song…………. and it hasn’t changed now that I am 39. My dad STILL only listens to that era of music. I told him he could incorporate new music into his music lineup. But, he hasn’t……………. Thank heavens for this song still! lol”

  5. Don trending on Twitter after that performance. Great fun. A definite one off performance of AILYSO. Brilliant Homeless Brother.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Don’s guitar as out of tune as during And I Love You So and it seemed to affect him. Excellent Homeless Brother though.

  7. The live video stream is not working even on the BBC Radio 2 website. Seems only available on TV via the Red Button.

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