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  1. Bristol
    I arrived in Bristol having travelled from North Wales to see Don in his first show on the tour . It was great to be able to meet with my daughter and partner another plus coming this far to see Don
    With Bill and Hannah long standing Don heads too we made our way early to Colston Hall hoping to catch a glimpse of Don before his show .
    I was like a cat on a hot tin roof, clutching my red rose for Don, well it kept Bill and Hannah amused as we waited I saw the familiar green tour bus so dashed outside.
    It was wonderful to greet Don who looked fit and fabulous and welcome him back to the UK we are so very fortunate as fans that he still chooses to tour.
    The band Tony- Piano and Key boards -Vip Electric guitar. New band member David Smith -Bass] and Jerry- Drums, who I got a hug from, they are real gentlemen and so gracious towards Don’s fans. They are all talented in their own right.
    We were able to catch up with Don’s web site administrator Alan Howard who has set up this great tour page and Ron Buck also – see his great interview with Don about guitars on this web site.
    Don sauntered on to stage to a very warm welcome which continued throughout the show. He was dressed in a beautiful silk paisley type patterned shirt , considering he’s not a fashion victim he has some amazing shirts and boots [ see new book ]
    A familiar but never the same medley of Buddy Holly always goes down well .He told us he likes to give good run for our money well I have never been disappointed . Don live on stage is just the best.
    I still don’t know how he does it and when he sings such songs as Crying its bliss. I know he keep telling us he’s getting older and might not come back but the stack of memories I have will be with me always . His voice is just amazing and the depth and breadth of his songs a dream .Thank you Don.
    After the show I was able to meet with my friend and husband who live in the area and we are able to reminisce about ourselves as giggly 14 year olds madly in love with Don and his music at our first Don concert in Manchester so we too were on our 40th Anniversary tour too.

  2. Haven’t seen Don in person since 75 or so. Was very afraid I would be disappointed by his not living up to my memory but the show was superb and his rendition of Crying moved me to tears

  3. Another great concert. – really looking forward to Cardiff next week – my 9th Don Mclean concert. Thanks Don for signing my Tapestry & American Pie LP’s – really appreciated.Thanks Jerry for your help in getting them signed. You’re a star!

  4. Wow what a great concert too excited still to post much more than Don looked and sounded fabulous and Jerry Tony Vip and David what

  5. Wow what a concert just too excited to say anymore except Don looked and sounded fababulous and what a great bunch of guys Vip, Tony, Jerry and David all amazing musicians and really nice guys too.

    1. No. He played a couple of country songs which I wouldn’t be able to name. The highlights for many may have been Magdalene Lane, That’s Alright and excellent performances of A Pie and Vincent. Good to hear Empty Chairs, Winterwood and Bronco Bill’s Lament. 21 years after their release Headroom and Fashion Victim sounded contemporary.

  6. I am going to see Don at Liverpool, I am really looking forward to it. The last ime I saw him was many years ago at the Cambridge folk festival. He was fantastic then and I know he will still be so.

  7. The tour kicked off very strongly in front of a large and exhuberant Bristol audience.

    Mairead is a pretty girl from Derry, who sings accompanied by a fine male guitarist. She was excellent with a strong and pretty voice and will go down well with Don’s audience. I must admit I was sorry her set was only the usual 20-25 minutes allotted to a support act – I and I think most of the audience could have listened much longer.

    A twenty-minute break and on came Don looking slim and fit and seeming very much ready for the long tour ahead. He sang a set which approached two hours, with comparatively little talking between songs. I didn’t expect any surprises and didn’t really get any, but from where I was sat halfway back in the hall I thought it was a fabulous show. I worry sometimes that I may be a bit biased in this but I heard two strangers near me exchange comments afterwards. One said ‘Just fantastic’ and the other replied ‘I think I have just become his newest fan’. There was certainly a palpable warmth in the hall and I think anyone who went away dissatisfied from that show had unrealistic expectations to start with. The two highlights for me were what I thought was a particularly emotional ‘Empty Chairs’ (definitely ‘killing us softly’ there) and a lovely rollicky arrangement for ‘Magdalene Lane’. A lot of country stuff in there, some nice guitar picking, the usual range of material.

    All too soon we were into AP, after which Don went off before coming back to encore with (surprise surprise) Vincent and then ‘El Paso’ from the Marty Robbins CD. The packed hall gave him two standing ovations, and as he said ‘I know you meant it’. I can’t wait to see what will happen as Don and the band move up even further through the gears as the tour progresses!

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