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  1. Gatesehad
    Another long journey but so worth it .
    Before the show a few of us were able to watch on a TV screen some of Don’s sound check, it makes you realise just how much work goes in to getting it right . We were able to watch the whole on Mairead’s sound check she is just so pretty and an amazing singer I wish her well .A great support act for Don. As he came on stage I heard someone whisper behind me “oh I’m so excited” me too, always at any Don concert, the excitement before he comes on just builds. I know you never get the same show twice as this was my 3rd show, it is just magic to see Don perform live. I thought the crowd were quiet for such fabulous show; he took my red rose at the end which leaves me on a complete high. I’ve said it before but I wish I could bottle the feeling.
    This Little Light of Mine got the crowd going Don always gives 100%.
    Afterwards there was good natured crowd who waited patiently for Don to autograph memorabilia ,have photographs taken and generally to say hello , Don gives so much of himself we are very fortunate to be fans.

  2. Absolutely agree with both of the above. I was a bit wary as I had heard that Don’s voice on previous tours hadn’t been as good but absolutely no complaints last night. Tremendous performance and his voice, as before easily evokes the mood whether it be a bit of fun or heartfelt emotion. The last time I saw Don was on one of his first American Pie tours, many moons ago, and it has always been one of the best concerts I have ever heard. Happy to say last night was an equally fantastic night.

  3. The excitement just grows my 3rd concert in a row its like winning the lottery ,cant get my head around writing a full review yet.Just as the anticipation was building for Don coming on stage I heard someone whisper I’m just sooo excited . Just how I felt too.I’ll do a full reivew in a few days when Im home again. Don just awesome as are the band and Miraed too. Thanks Don.

  4. Terrific! Having seen Don many times over the years, last nights performance was one of the best! His voice still fills me with emotion. He is one of the greats – shame the same can’t be said for others who are ‘still around’. For those of you yet to see him on this tour, you are in for a treat, 2 hours of fantastic music!

  5. Absolutely fantastic performance. Well done for spotting the problem with the sound at the beginning. Fabulous show. Loved joining in with American Pie. Good range of songs – loved the blues bit. Vincent at the end was so moving, a great way to end the show.

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