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  1. A lovely hall again a long show with some beautiful standards such as s Crossroads , 100 years from now and Empty Chairs just beautiful .And again the amazing band or Don’s guys you deserve your own mention .
    Mairead grows in confidence with every show .
    It was a pleasure to sit alongside Don’s beautiful wife Partsisha so we were very lucky to have more than our fair share of smiles clearly for but we can dream !.
    Again another different show with some great Travis picking at the end that he makes it all seem so easy.
    He told us he enjoys standing ovations or standing ovulations as he joked with his wife. With the fabulous show we received I will always give Don a Standing Ovation he deserves it.
    Another red rose another thank you WOW!
    And afterwards there was a large group waiting again to get autographs photographs, he obliged thank you again Don. Lots of great fans to talk to all with a story to tell. Concert no 3 sadly half way through .

  2. The great thing about a Don Mclean gig is, that no two shows are ever the same.OK we always have the ‘classics’, but they are always interspersed with some long forgotten album track or something from Don’s amazing memory bank of tunes from years long gone. Again in Glasgow he did not disappoint with a superb Victor Young song, and a great version of Marty Robbin’s ‘EL Paso’.There was also a truly brilliant version of Dreidel where the band really rocked the house.
    Don did mention that he’s not getting any younger and that he could not guarantee another tour. If so, then it’s been an honour and a privilege. Don, you’re Simply The Best!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Another very happy Annie only just got home to Wales today too tired after all the hard travelling to write a review today .I so admire the stamina of Don and the band .Will write a proper review when I come down off Cloud 9 !

  4. Stunning concert! Superb performances of many classics associated (and not!) with Don.
    AND – an autograph afterwards!

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