Steve Wright Show – Thursday October 25th

Don McLean is interviewed on the Steve Wright Show on BBC Radio 2 on Thursday (anytime 2 – 5pm) – – prior to his concert at the Royal Albert Hall in the evening.

The interview is being pre-recorded tomorrow.


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  1. Well there was a reference to the other Don, I.e. Don Maclean, Birmingham comedian whose version of American Pie was called Birmingham Fry. That was different. Perhaps he’ll be there tonight as he comes from Birmingham. Two Don Macs for the price of one.

  2. I’ve noticed before that he does often sound quite different on the radio. Maybe he has a radio voice the same way some people have a phone voice! Though it is always nice to hear Don, I didn’t really think much of the interview…same old same old. I was just thinking whilst listening to it in the car that they should do a series where fans interview their idols. OK, you might get a few duff ones but I think overall it would make much more interesting listening than the stereotyped unadventurous interviews that are the norm. I’m up for doing the pilot by interviewing Don! 🙂

  3. my nine year old listened to broadcast with me and said “that doesn’t sound like Don'”. the quality of his voice sounded different from the bristol concert. he sounded younger on the radio. anyone notice this?

  4. Was great to hear Don on Radio Two today relaxed and joking about.Lovely to hear that he has no set list when he goes on stage,that’s why his concerts are so magical.

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