London, UK – October 25th

If you’re lucky enough to attend this show then please leave us a comment or review for other fans to enjoy and/or upload your photos to our tour gallery:

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  1. absolutly fabulous brilliant magical, third time
    i have seen don at the albert hall this was the best
    also saw don at hampton court palace last year, that was
    magical too fantastic

  2. I was very moved by Mairaid before Don even came on.Ended up in tears at the end of Don’s set though. A lifetime of waiting over. If I had a gripe it would be Vip Vipperman’s insistence on trying to turn every song into a C&W number (except the final C&W number which he bizarrely decided to play as Rock and Roll). If he was trying to overshadow the man, he failed

  3. Had a great time last night. The last time I saw Don was his 25th anniversary concert, so am glad I could get to the 40th!!
    Only complaint was that there were no programmes on sale, so only have my ticket and the memories of a great night.

  4. A fantastic show with a great variety of songs, brilliant diction and still wonderful voice. I loved it all – but I wish the backing wasn’t quite so loud during some quieter songs. Don’s voice is still great and it is such a joy to hear him alone with his guitar. He always gives value -I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did, Don! In fact, I enjoyed the show so much I have just booked up for Birmingham tomorrow – Maybe Don will sing ‘Empty Chairs’…

  5. Absoultely fabulous concert last night at the Albert Hall. I took my aunt who is 86 and she loved it too … thank you so much Don … I have been a fan of yours for such a long time … and saw you for the first time when I was 16 years old and my sister took me to see you at the Albert Hall … in the early eighties …

    My favourite is ‘And I love you so’ ….

    Thank you again … xxx

    1. 86 is very impressive. our children 5 and 6 must have been amongst the youngest. it will be amazing if they can see Don at the RAH when they’re 16… I wouldn’t rule it out!

    2. Hello Joanne, so glad you enjoyed the show.
      “and I love you so” was a song we I used at the wedding to my loving wife, Jane. The perfect song. Neville

  6. Mr. Mclean still “has it”. Wonderful show and still precise in diction and voice. Master of his Art. Most enjoyable.
    Duff distortion from “pick-up” on piano high notes whilst playing “Crossroads”.
    As Mr. Mclean said, “I do not know how long I can keep doing this; who knows what may happen”.
    Please God, spare this fine entertainer and give us, at least a little longer, music to settle our Soles and lyrics to enlighten this sometimes poor World. Thanking you for the music, Neville.

    1. Thanking the two lovely Ladies that befriended me this last night. One had a seventieth birthday. Great to meet you both. Hope you enjoyed the show. Neville, mobile 07708497137

  7. A wonderful evening. Thanks Don, especially for singing Bronco Bill’s Lament! And a great support act in Mairead. All just perfect.

  8. I was there at “The Temple of civilisation” last night.
    Totally awesum.
    I’d waited a whole lifetime to see Don, ever since I became a fan in the early seventies. Yes Don, i’ve got some of those 8 track albums you mentioned.
    I know we are all a bit older than we were in the seventies, but you had us all on our feet singing along to “American Pie” and then for an enchore you did “Vincent”. The entire audience quietly sat down to listen, no other sound was heard, just you and the guitar. A stunning moment.
    Thanks for still sharing your music with us.

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