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  1. I am sorry to hear that you will be put off seeing Don again Steve, but if I had only seen the Liverpool show I would have been thinking the same. I don’t know what happened as I have had some wonderful experiences watching Don at the Phil in the past. But this show never recovered from the terrible start where it was almost as though Don’s microphone wasn’t even on! I am no engineer, but in trying to correct that it was as though the whole balance of the sound was thrown. The word that went through my mind at the time was cacophony.

    Having been to eight shows on this tour I know what it should sound like and this was definitely not it. As we had the same musicians and largely the same material as other shows, the differentiating factor had to be the sound, even although I am sure it was also the same sound crew. Don praised them highly only the previous night in Birmingham, where I have experienced bad sound before but this time had for me the best sound of the tour.

    The audience in Liverpool were(justifiably) noticeably less responsive than all the other shows and it seemed to me (my perception only) that Don and the band were for once glad to get off!

    So there is my tuppence worth. I am not saying anything here that I didn’t say to fellow attendees immediately after the show so I am not jumping on a bandwagon. However, this was one disappointing experience to be set beside seven wonderful ones so you can be sure I will be in Brighton on 20th November!

  2. I am an engineer who has installed audio visual systems in the dim and distant past and as soon as he started singing I turned to my wife and commented that the sound was awful. There were problems with the sound for the first few numbers, Don even mentioned it himself and the sound man made some adjustments. After the adjustments it was a bit better but not great. A lot of times during the rest of the concert I thought the instruments and his voice were competing with each other. We were sitting in the circle and I noticed a few people leaving during the concert and would guess that about 20+ people left. Then again, looking around there were hundreds more who looked like they were enjoying themselves. His voice was as good as ever but I thought that some of the numbers performed were a bit mundane. I also got the impression that he was going through the motions somewhat, although I guess if you’re singing the same songs for as long has he has then it may be hard to muster lots of enthusiasm! but hey, that’s just my opinion, it doesn’t mean I’m right. We stayed until the end (glad we did) but didn’t think it was that great and wouldn’t go to see him again, pity really because I’ve always liked him. Part of my problem might be that I’ve been to some fantastic concerts (my opinion again) such as Paul McCartney at Echo Arena, Billy Joel and Rod Stewart at MEN, so inevitably I will compare performances.

    1. I had tickets to see Billy Joel and Elton John in the US three years ago and thought it was a good show but not as good as Don McLean (I’m fairly neutral)! However I was surprised afterwards that they’d been a big backlash about the sound quality (even in premium seats) at the Joel/John event. I didn’t experience the problem where I was but if I did I’d try to move seat. Not always possible I know.

  3. Liverpool
    My last of 6 concerts I told people when I returned to work I had been on tour with Don Mclean and they didn’t believe me! The smile on my face might have gone being back at work but the smile inside is a great feeling after seeing Don live ,different every time and afterwards to meet Don is just the icing on the cake. After all he puts sin to his concerts he gives 100% he still take time to greet his loyal fans who waited patiently.
    Oh my what a shame was a unexpected ,Lost in the stars wonderful, Crossroads beautiful he played and played and played and to top it all sent us away on high with a feel good factor sing along Hard Travelling something he is well aware of .
    The band / the guys as great as ever.
    A quieter than normal audience for Liverpool I was surprise as the Phil has always been the best for me but they were still appreciative.
    He took my rose again I was so thrilled. It was so good to be with so many fans that I have met following Don some of us have become good friends. Thanks to you all you know who you are and great to share our love of Dons music together even if we don’t always agree!
    Why do people leave shows when they feel the sound is not good tell the sound man and then they might have stayed to enjoy themselves. After all Don live is amazing and I’m sorry people have been left with that feeling, I had such a fabulous time. Leaving a Don concert is a bit like leaving a football match and the winning goal is scored after you have left! My motto is stay to the end you never know what might happen .The sound man needs to be told ,no one is perfect and the choice of songs Don does are different every night apart from his few hits as he calls them. I’ve been to see other performers where the set list is taped to the floor, you could go to the show the next night and you’d get exactly the same, this is where Don is priceless, with Don what you see is what you get a live performer giving it his all, feeling his way with the audience plucking songs out of the 10.000 he knows ,so he’s never going to satisfy us all and hey we have his CD’s to hear our favourites, this is live music and emotion in song from a great singer songwriter a legend .Thank you again Don for the pleasure I get from seeing you perform .

  4. The sound wasn’t that good – infact it was a bit disaatrous at the beginning before Don asked the soundmen to increase his voice in the mix. ~Ironic in that this hall has a reputation for some of the best acoustics in the country.
    Some video is on youtube

  5. There is a good deal of controversy between myself and some of my fellow DM fans about this show. Some are of the view that the sound was very poor, a surprise after 5 previous concerts we had attended where the sound was excellent. I’m not a sound technician and personally all I heard were several of my favourite songs whiich don’t get an outing all that often, notably “Oh My What A Shame’ Its Just The Sun”, Lost In The Stars” and all manner of other old Elvis, And Sonny and Brownie numbers plus a singalong to Woody Guthrie’s “hard Travellin”, very appropriate for those of us who have been haring around in hot pursuit of Dons tour bus. I still don’t know how Don and the band do it as we had a two day break in the middle but that hard travelling is still incredibly tiring and to have to turn in a performance, sometimes three nights running on top of all that is quite a feat.

    As at the Gateshead concert I thought the audience got a better concert than they deserved really as they were a quiet bunch but I came out of the concert feeling very satisfied and my impression was that apart from a select few, the rest of the audience did too.

    1. There were certainly sound problems in the upper circle and several people walked out. I was disappointed by some song choices – I wanted to hear more Don McLean favourites but got too many b-listers and/or covers. All in all a disappointing show for me

  6. What a wonderful experience, an artist who is really in touch with his audience. His encore was fantastic leaving you with such a happy feeling. It was well worth the wait to hear all his music performed with such enjoyment

  7. Such a good concert and wonderful to hear the songs we’ve listened to over so many years sung live – a really enjoyable evening, and one we hope we will be able to repeat.

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