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  1. Billh & Hannah on a marathon run of shoes – VERY lucky people! I think I followed Don for 3 states back in 2009. Must have been PA, VA & MD. Thats seems PUNY now to these monster tours 😉 Hope you had a great time, I’m sure you did.

  2. Hallo Wendy. It was brilliant to meet you and Larry too and to share such a great show. Any chance of you making itbto Brighton do you think?

    It was a great night and a great audience. The sound was apparently good, according to those who know about these things and Don and the guys turned in a performance that had us rocking in the aisles. Yet there were other aspects too which I really enjoyed. I do like it when Don sits down as it’s generally an indication that he is going to do some guitar picking and/or some more unusual songs. Don has commented a couple of times that people come to the shows to see his hits, not his “misses”. I suppose thats true for the majority of the audience but as a serial Don concert attendee Ive had my fill of the hits and whilst I wouldn’t be without the regular songs that have to be there I’m always hoping to hear something different, Tonight I was lucky as Don did a Josh White song that I’ve never heard before. Another highlight was “Where Were You Baby’ and then there were some old Elvis songs. I really do like all those old bluesy songs and Don’s guitar accompaniment. So we all got up to dance and we did get the chance on American Pie and in fact the dancing must have gone on for about 20 minutes. So this show truly had something for everyone. A great night.

    1. Hi Hannah, it was lovely to meet you both 🙂 As I said I dont think we will be able to go to Brighton but hope to see you all again when Don does his next tour 🙂

  3. Hi Wendy so sorry I didn’t get to meet you again, will you be going to Brighton ?Sounds like I missed another great concert.So pleased to hear a very happy you, try to keep that feeling .

    1. Hi Annie, it was a shame, the concert was fab and lots of dancing as Hannah said. It was lovely to meet them, have a chat and share the concert with such devoted fans. I dont think I will be able to make Brighton 🙁 but my gosh I have loved the 2 concerts we went to, they were amazing. I have posted 2 songs from the Albert Hall onto youtube (you know me).Hope we meet up at a concert on his next tour 🙂 (fingers crossed)

  4. I was lucky enough to be in the front row. Don was mesmerising! I hadn’t seen him live since 1979 and now I’m sorry I waited so long. It was a fabulous performance from a fabulous performer. Don was accompanied by a superb group of musicians – I especially loved the pianist. I hope he comes back to Cardiff at least one more time before he retires. I will definitely be there!

  5. Another fab fab concert, Thank you Don. It was lovely meeting Billh and Hannah, who are on a marathon run of Don concerts…. lucky people 🙂 Shame Anniewales missed this one on her tour … great night, great songs …very happy me 🙂

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