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  1. It was my first time when I was able to see Don performing live. I’ve dreamed about this since I was 15, when I’ve heard him for the first time and become a great fan of his. I come from overseas, I came to the UK just few weeks ago and fortunate coincidence allowed me to take the part in this event. He was always a brilliant live performer and despite of the age he still got the power and this magnificent voice that sounds even better in reality than on his live recordings. It was a truly memorable experience and I sincerely hope that I will have an opportunity to see Mr. McLean again someday.

  2. As magical as ever..I’ve been lucky enough to see the great man a number of times through the decades and this performance was as good as any I’ve seen. My era was the seventies and the songs a soundtrack to my late teens and early twenties – and what a soundtrack! Thanks to Don and the band – it was a great night!

  3. Came along mostly, if i’m honest to hear American Pie ! I enjoyed much of the show and the different genres of music played was truely inspiring. However, I felt at times Don was ‘going trough the motions’ and not really enjoying himself? He needed to engage with the audience more.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the show Jo. It was interesting to hear your perspective because I thought the audience was unusually quiet – that was until large sections went bananas with A Pie and the Elvis number to follow. Given the ageing profile of some of the fans on their feet dancing I thought perhaps Royal Berks orthopaedics dept should be on red alert… It was great to see and a thrilling end to the show particularly with the perfect Vincent encore. Afterwards Don was more than happy; he’d enjoyed the show and the tour is going well.

  4. My wife and l were privileged to sit through an excellent concert from a truly professional performer. Absolute brilliance. Congratulation also to the opening support singer. Just a perfect evening and worth travelling from near Cambridge.

  5. An excellent concert last night. I thought the band overpowered Don’s singing at times but an inspiring performance with a really good mix of material. A great concert with a wonderful atmosphere.

  6. What a brilliant concert, Don’s voice is still amazing, just as good as when we first heard him so many years ago. Two hours of all kinds of music blues, country, folk, rock none were a problem for him. There were tears in my eyes when he sang Crying, so touching. The encore of Vincent was something I will never forget, poetic words that never fail to touch you, couldn’t have been sung better.

  7. What a wonderful wonderful concert at Basingstoke last night. I have lost count of the number of times I have been to Dons concerts over the years and enjoyed every one, last nights show for his 40th anniversary tour was special. Thank you Don for being part of both mine and my families lives for 40 years! Well worth tackling the flooded roads and the Basingstoke ring road for.

  8. All of the above but…….I know we are not supposed to be critical on here but……as somebody who has attended about 10 of Don’s concerts over the past 40 years, and in comparison to those, the support band was out of balance as far as I was concerned. The very capable lead guitarist playing his Strat at full belt most of the time dominated the backing to the detriment of the brilliant keyboard player and the overall sound and many songs ended up sounding very similar. Having stated that Don’s voice, presence and control of the show was better than his last tour.

  9. excellent show for a full house in an impressive venue. Don was one of the first major stars to perform here back in 1997, a show which is still enjoyed by quite a few fans today thanks to a bootleg recording! top quality sound but a quiet audience – they were “listening hard” as Don put it – until American Pie and then there was no stopping them.
    Many classics this evening including If We Try, It’s just the sun, winterwood, bronco bill’s lament, everyday, mountainsof mourne, castles in the air, ailyo and the glastonbury favourite “love in my heart (food on the table)” . i thought this was a great show.
    Don is very happy about matters and I don’t doubt he’ll be back again for short tours.
    bill and hannah were of course present – they must hve clocked up a couple of thousand miles at least on this tour so far. i’d only driven 10 miles from work and was tired enough.
    Next stop dublin for Don via an early morning ferry ( irish sea and perhaps also for some flooded berkshire/hampshire roads ).
    there are v few tickets remaining on this mega-tour but if you can grab one then do so – don ‘t miss out.

    1. Ohh…mention of a bootleg, always a bit of a tease! :0 Any chance we’ll see the Don McLean music player again?

  10. Brilliant. Don is fantastic. He stood at the microphone and sang for close to two hours, one song merging into the next. By the time he’d taken us on a long tour through ‘American Pie’ the whole audience was on its feet. What a star. The encore was just wonderful beyond words. What a great way to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary!

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