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Annie says:

I love Don Mclean and his music always have always will .It’s my 40 TH Anniversary too. Don live at any venue is just pure bliss and to share the experience with likeminded is wonderful .Thanks to all you guys who make the experience so memorable.

All of us perceive what we see in differing ways what we see and hear whether it’s his voice, guitar, the band, too loud too quiet, too slow too fast, it seems some of us are never satisfied. So I wanted to give my perception. All of us have Don either on 8 track/cassette/ LP’S/CD/ Download or on You Tube so we can all listen to our hearts content to our favourites and he sings one of yours that’s fantastic but please don’t moan, he knows over 10.000 songs and has written I think over 300 so we are never going to get all we desire. Just enjoy the unique live experience of Don in concert for what it is and l’m personally grateful that Don still chooses to travel so I can have the opportunity to see him, as far as am concerned he is still “Killing me softly”.
Thanks Don.


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  1. Beautifully put Annie. It is easy to be a smart alex and pick at the small negatives. However, overall I agree with admin. The eight shows I have seen on the tour (so far!) have been comfortably the most consistent in quality I have seen.

    Don, Tony, Jerry, Vip and David have excelled themselves both in the performances themselves and in being prepared to take time out with fans before and after the show. The sound guys deserve a huge amount of credit because the sound has also been as good as I have heard, with only the odd glitch (who said Liverpool?). Mind you if you are going to turn Don’s vocal down, La La Love You is not a bad song to do it on imho! 🙂 The tour manager John also deserves praise – the quiet man behind the scenes who keeps it all moving along very sweetly. The final mention goes to support act Mairead – she has kept the audience entranced at every venue and the biggest praise I can pay her is that it has been no hardship to watch her 8 times, which is something not generally true of support acts. I feel sure we will hear a lot more about her in the next few years.

    Now we get a little rest in the UK as the concerts move to Ireland and then mainland Europe. If anyone is reading these reviews and wondering whether to go please just buy a ticket. I don’t think you will regret it.

    I will write a fuller review soon – just been very busy what with following Don around and trying to earn a crust at the same time!

    Looking forward to seeing Annie and Hannah and lots of other friends at Brighton on the 20th in what I am sure will be a fitting climax.

  2. Thanks for all your brilliant reviews Annie – your love of Don and his music is evident in every sentence. This is turning into a classic tour with everything coming together in some truly magic shows.
    “Everyone’s a critic” but the comments posted so far are the most consistently positive I think we’ve seen

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