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  1. Came all the way from Colorado, USA to share in this incredible musical experience at such a beautiful and historic venue. Don McLean is a musician second to few, and a storyteller second to none. Hearing and singing along to “Vincent” and “American Pie” sent chills up my spine, and brought tears to my wife’s eyes. We feel very privileged to have been able to spend the evening with him, his band, and a very spirited audience.

  2. I have been relishing this 2012 tour so much and so far have put in some real ‘Hard Travelin’ and attended at Manchester, Gateshead, Royal Albert Hall and Liverpool. I was also booked up for Iceland but was sadly disappointed when that show was cancelled. I always knew that the big concert was going to be at the Dublin Olympia, the perfect historic beautiful and intimate venue where Don is at his best. Don loves it here and Tony Migliore told me after the show that this is his most favourite theatre as well.
    Front row centre seats were perfect, the sound was absolutely perfect and Don’s voice and guitar never sounded better than tonight. Add to that a very loud and appreciative audience and the picture is complete. This was a concert par excellence with Don treating us to all the big songs, sung perfectly, with Empty Chairs stunning an awe-struck audience. We got a great “Where Were You Baby” and a superb “Mountains Of Mourne” with a sing-along audience giving it large. The final 20 minutes were up on feet for everybody and the joint was rocking. After the band left the stage Don came back on alone and concluded this memorable evening with a beautiful rendition of “Vincent”. Such a great way to end up.
    And I will always be able to recall this night and say “I was there” for this one will never be forgotten.

    If you think this was great, just wait till you read what I have to tell you about Derry!!!!

  3. Great night as always with Don. Have seen him every time he has come here with my family who have supported him for 30 years and he never disappoints! Wonderful singing, stories and humour in one show. Hopefully he will be here again soon….the last song “Vincent” had the audience mesmerized and what a way to end a concert!

  4. Don Mclean was in excellent form. At 67 I was impressed with his energy and vocal strength. He came to Dublin to entertain and the audience were not disappointed. We were treated to a blend of rock n roll, blues, folk and ballads. He did a few solos where he demonstrated his excellent guitar work including finger picking as well as acoustic blues. He invited the audience to sing along to some songs and they duly obliged with great spirit. By the end of the night he had the audience in the palm of his hand as they danced out American Pie on their feet. All and all I’m glad I made the journey from Belfast.

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