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  1. I saw Don McLean in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam for the first time in September 1973 as a seventeen-year-old and was immediately touched by the songs and especially the lyrics. I kept following him in those years, and attended the solo concerts in Amsterdam in 1975, 1978 and 1980. Even managed to interview him for a (non-existing .. hush…) fanclub in the Hilversum studios in 1975, which was an exceptional experience. Then by coincidence, I got tickets for Carré this November after more than 30 years. I took my 19-year-old youngest autistic – musically talented – son along with the friends I went with. Just as for me back then, this was his first visit to a concert. He was totally into it from the first note on, just like me some 40 years ago, though we sat way back in the top of the theatre. Also, he was totally absorbed by the support act of Jo Harman, just like me. He couldn’t keep his fingers from drumming with some songs and was hypnotized by others.
    When I see the schedule of this tour, it is even more amazing how exceptionally well Don and his band at their age performed, although it was a different experience for me than his solo performances back then. It must be totally exhausting for them. This concert was a trip back into my life, where Don had also helped me out with his songs to cope with my father’s early passing back in the seventies. Thanks Don, and I hope this will not be the last time for you and the band to visit Amsterdam.

  2. I have been following the tour since it started. So happy this part of website is back. I have ignored the negative comments till now. I had the honor of seeing Don and the band in Indiana in Aug. Not only was it 2 awesome shows but my son and I got to meet them and hang out after. Janneke, do you realize what these guys go through? I know first hand they are spending days at a time on ferrys and buses without a hotel or bed. Why? For us the fans. You will never meet a group of guys who care more about their guests. They go out and give 110 percent at every show, no matter how tired or sick. Negative comments hurt them. They are human with feeling and do the best they can. We are lucky they care as much as they do, even though they might not always be perfect they deserve to be appreciated!!!

    1. I fully agree with Laurie and pay tribute to the band for their brilliant musicianship and endurance! Now entering the final 10 days or so of the tour and home will be in sight, but that’ll only make those journeys feel longer. Yet at every show they give 100%. Towards the end of the tour we’ll post some figures on distance travelled and nights spent in hotels – it’s remarkable how much time is spent on the road, and it must be tough even in that super-deluxe double-decker tour bus.
      The collection of reviews for each show presented here provides a balanced picture of what the audience experienced and the balance is overwhelmingly suggesting this is a great tour with classic performances from Don and the band.
      As I say, tickets are now scarce but if you can find one – buy it and don’t miss out!

  3. We’ve attended the concert last night in Amsterdam. Being a Huge fan since 1973 i was really looking forward to this evening. However i found it was very disappointing. An obligatory performance with a band that was not subtle at all. A beautiful song like crossroads lost its power because of the baroque piano – arrangement.. totally misplaced. Sad but true. I missed songs like Bronco Bill’s Lament, Chain Lighting or LaLa love you. Instead many covers..why???

  4. Been to the concert in Amsterdam last night and it was awesome. Wonderful how Don is still as good as 40 years ago. I was at his concerts in the early seventies as a very young teenager in love and now visitng with one of my 3 daughters(19), we both had a wonderful time .Thank you dear Don!
    We also loved the mix of your own songs and for example the songs of Buddy Holly. Through the years learnt to know and love many musicians thanks to you.Hope you can go on for many happy years.
    Love Heleen

  5. I saw Don Maclean some 40 years ago in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Last night he played Amsterdam again in CARRE. What a show ! How this man performs. The lyrics and the guitar, no need for more. And I agree with him, stuff that comes out of radios these days is awfull. American Pie all the way. And when does his lifetime movie come out????

  6. With high expectations – we attended his concerts in the Concertgebouw in the seventies – we went to Don’s concert in Carré Amsterdam. And although Don did an intense concert, with classics as And I love you so, American Pie, Crossroads, Crying, Castles in the air and Vincent, we were not entirely satisfied. We missed some inspiration and warm presentation. Don’s voice has known better times (okay, he’s 67) and on top of that his guitar was not well tuned as it sounded when his soloed in Vincent. The band was very present and left no intimate moments, but in my opinion too many up tempo, less known songs, where Don has a major songbook of his own! In spite of a huge applause there was just one encore (Vincent) and that was it after 1 hour and 35 minutes… Still it was a real happening to see the master again after all these years and agreed, he did his masterpieces the best he could.

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