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  1. I attended this extraordinary event with my wife who was not even born, when I already listened to Amercian Pie day by day back in the early 70ies. After the concert I was asked by a WDR television team about my feelings and whether I had some nostalgic thoughts and melancholic emotions during the show.
    Yes of course I had. I was thinking back to the times which are gone for more than fourty years now, when I listened to the tracks of the American Pie record to late in the night.
    My feeling about Don McLean is, that he – maybe besides Peter Gabriel is one of the honest and most passionate artist in this business. He is a pure musician and like me he seems not be fond of the development of music history into an extreme commercialised business where stardom is a story of being pushed by the media, taking advantage of computers and other technical equipment. Not only that the songs of Don McLean tell about life, do have fine melodies and do come right from his heart, they are just moving. Anyone who has ever seen his duet with Nanci Griffith, performing “And I love you so” just knows what I means. When listening to “CROSSROADS” I was thinking – gosh how true is all of this and I was wondering if maybe some of the Jordanaires still do have contact with Don. To conclude – it was a wonderful evening, producing lot of emotional feelings. What a pity that the business is rare of guys like Don McLean. I wish him all the best!

  2. I really enjoyed the concert. Don’s voice is still very good, even better then in Bruxelles. The only side note I want to make is that you hardly could hear the backing vocal in Jerusalem, also the piano was to silent in most of the songs. You could see him play very passionated, but sadly enough you hardly could hear it.And I have to agree with Joachim that the concert should have been sould out. But nevertheless I had a great time sitting on the first row right in front of Don, Super!!

  3. Subsequent to a 3 hours trip from the north-west edge of Bavaria I approached Düsseldorf with mixed emotions, as there have been quite some experiences in the past where the old heroes came to the concert halls just to grab the money. I also remembered very well that a Don McLean concert had been scheduled in Frankfurt once in the 1980’s, however, it was cancelled for unknown reasons.
    Anyway, this time: no cancellation and no disappointments. Just 2 or 3 minutes after 8 pm, the lights went out and Don and band hit the stage. They started with “Well all right” – just the right choice for the band and the audience to warm up. First highlights were “Everyday” – another beautiful song by Buddy Holly, then even better “Homeless Brother” and another outstanding one: “Crossroads”. It was so beautiful that I cannot find words for it. Of course Don’s voice is not as bright as it was 40 years ago when he recorded it, but who cares? He is still a great and a very professional musician, and it seemed to me that he can go on for another couple of years. His voice is as fine as his guitar playing, as is his band – all his four band mates are playing in the world league.
    The set continued with some more diamonds like e.g. “And I love you so”, “Castles in the Air”, “Crying”, and also “Empty Chairs” and “Magdalene Lane” were presented. Can you ask for more? Yes you can.
    After a rocking “That’s all right”, the inevitable “American Pie” hit the audience. The crowd rose from their seats to climb the peak, and even Don and the band seemed to enjoy themselves although they obviously play this song at every show. “Vincent” was the solo encore which completed a perfect night for everyone. Don and the band had played 1:45 hours non-stop, no one left early and everyone was part of an unforgettable evening.
    The only sad thing was the fact that the venue was not sold out. Don is coming to Germany for one single show, to a tiny concert hall with 1800 seats and many seats were empty. I felt ashamed for my fellow german folks. But I’ll promise you Don: the next time you come to Germany, all tickets will be sold. Everyone who witnessed this evening will come back – and with him much many friends.

    Joachim Richter

    Setlist can be seen here:

  4. Wir hatten das Glück, Karten für dieses einzigartige Konzert zu bekommen – und als langjähriger Fan von Don habe ich von Anfang bis Ende jeden Song mit Gänsehaut genossen. Don’s Stimme ist wunderbar und er hat nichts von seiner frueheren Faszination verloren!!! Schade, dass er nur ein Konzert in Deutschland gegeben hat. Hoffentlich kommt er bald noch einmal wieder!
    Suzanne H.

    1. “We were lucky to get tickets for this unique concert – and as a longtime fan of Don, every song from beginning to end gave me goosebumps. Don’s voice is wonderful and he has lost none of his old charm! Too bad he has only given one concert in Germany. I hope he comes back again soon!”

      I hope this translation helps.

  5. Bin seit über 35 Jahren ein Fan von Don und habe keine Minute bereut um dieses Konzert zu besuchen. Er ist einer der letzten Grossen die ohne grosse Show und Effekte das Publikum in seinen Bann ziehen kann. Seine Stimme ist einzigartig. Danke für das Konzert Don.
    Laslo Schuett

    1. “I’ve been a fan of Don for over 35 years and didn’t regret going to this concert for a minute. He’s one of the last of the greats who can cast his spell over the audience without a big stage show. His voice is unique. Thanks for the concert, Don.”
      I hope this translation helps.

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