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  1. Traveled from Norway, by a ferry boat, early friday morning. Thanks to this excellent artist for still making some of our dreams come through. My 5th Don McLean consert, and all of them individual and superb experiences. This one too. Thanks again Sir. On saturday evening in Aarhus, these artists completed our culturly weekend.; Claudia Scott, Paul Krebs and Henning Kvitnes. Excellent consert there to. Ferry boat back home to Norway on Sunday, more happy than you will ever understand. Only asking myself; When will I see Don McLean on a stage again..? Thank you Sir, and safe travelling.

  2. Hi Don! A very fine concert. My wife Karen Marie and I had been looking forward to the concert – indeed, we were not dissapointed. Born oct. 45, I know that the voice is not the same as then. However, your voice has become – as a fine wine- mature, and you are more ready than ever to sing classical jazzsongs, or even better, to compose them yourselves. You sang only one song that was inspired by jazz, I have forgotten the title, but it was filled with beautiful harmonies. You seemed a bit dissatisfied with the sound, and even though there were a few feedbacks, the sound were fantastic. Give a little more “room” for your singleguitarist!

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