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  1. It was a wonderful consert in Harstad with a wonderful artist and a wonderful band. What really happened since “Vincent” was left out is a mystery to me. Were the lights turned on too soon? Had he planned to do it as the final song? I myself am so old that I heard Don McLean in Tromsø already in 1983, including “Vincent”. The chances of hearing you once more aren’t very good I suppose, but thank very much for being the artist and the man you are.

    1. the only occasion I have experienced when Don did not sing Vincent was in an unusual venue when the house manager thought the show was over and raised the lights. If lights were raised early in Harstad then perhaps that explains it.

  2. I went to the show in Harstad last night, full of expectations and ready to enjoy Don McLean for the first time. I discovered his music in my teens, some twenty odd years ago, and this was the first time I’ve gotten to see him live. We got a good mix of his own songs and other classic songs from the time before the music died, cleverly enough opening with a Buddy Holly tune. An amazing version of the Birthday song itself, American Pie, rounded the set off. Then he came back for the encore and rocked some more… And left out Vincent!!! I’m not going to speculate long on the reasons for this, but I left with a feeling of disappointment. Even more so, I went to the show with a girl who recently discovered McLean through that very song, having said to her there’s no way he’s gonna leave that out. I recall having read an interview a few years back where he stated that if he left out American Pie and Vincent from a show, he would have failed to fulfill his obligations to his audience. So there we were all in one place, a generation lost in space, with no time left to start again…Having also read all the reviews from the previous shows on the tour, where everybody pointed out the finale with Vincent as the finest moment, disappointment struck even harder. To Don McLean and the band, enjoy the rest of the tour, do Vincent, and get home safe.

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