Turku – November 14th

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  1. We saw Don in Antwerp yesterday and he is still in good shape. A great performance and we felt that he really loves his work.
    Thanks Don McLean to come to Antwerp.

  2. I don´t know – I liked it but on the other hand I didn´t. I´ve waited for this concert for a long time and I´ve listened to Don ever since his first records and always loved the way he sings and plays the guitar. When Don was younger he was on stage alone with his guitar (and banjo)- and that was enough. (the best was the BBC- concert (?) in the 70´s.) Now he had a band of four absolutely great musicians. But unfortunately it´s not always enough just to play good- you should also show some kind of enthusiasm for the music you´re playing.
    Don was still in good shape. The higher voices were a bit difficult occasionally but that´s ok when you´re 67. I think the best part of the concert was he he sang and played the guitar alone. Being my self also some kind of a guitar player I can´t help thinking that I would have liked the concert more without the band. In spite of all the mega concerts of today with huge stages and modern technology, numerous musicians and dancers etc. I think people would still like to hear just a lonely singer-songwriter with a guitar on stage. There are not many in the world who have done it better than Don McLean and I think he could still do it.
    Anyway it was great to see Don finally in my hometown.

  3. I saw Don in Turku (Finland) last night after over 40-years of waiting. His music still impressed me the way it did in the early 1970′ when I was just a kid. Although he could have played more of his own songs, it did not disturb me in any way. It was refreshing to hear him singing Marty Robbins as well as songs from other artists. Still, the highlights were Homeless Brother, Vincent and American Pie to mention few of his own songs. Great performance, great band too!!

    Feel ashamed that so few people came to see and listen to him, Turku is a small town and we had Kris Kristofferson giving his concert just the previous night!

  4. A beautiful concert. Don was in great voice. All the hits were there plus Have You Seen Me, In A Museum, It’s Just The Sun, Tapestry, Homeless Brother, Jerusalem .. to name but a few. There were also some surprises, A beautiful rendition of It Was A Very Good Year, was for me a highlight. Don also did a lovely old Johnny Cash number, I Guess Things Happen That Way.

    Don was very warm and humorous and you get the feeling that he really appreciates his audience. I’d guess the theater was about half full but that didn’t put Don off, he gave it his 100%, telling bits and pieces about his life and how certain songs came about. He kept thanking everyone for being there, saying how much he’s enjoying playing for such a great crowd.

    The crowd may have been a little subdued but clearly in awe of this legend, his warm and friendly personality was shining through. At one point, he looked at us and said ”so, how the heck are you?’’ 🙂

    I’d say there weren’t a lot of people under 40, but while getting our coats, I over heard a you lady (probably early 20’s) tell her companion that now she’ll have to buy some of his CD’s.

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