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  1. Hi BillH, He has done the song previously and on this tour, in Derry and I think in Dublin when he did long up on the feet country sessions. In Belgium too of course, it is a good song and it goes down well.

    1. Thanks Bill. I kind of regret not going to the Irish and, to a lesser extent, the Belgian shows. But in the end a man can only do (and afford!) so much and prior commitments would have made things difficult. At least I finally got Tapestry at Brighton! 🙂

  2. Hi vlinder 1562, I know this song, it is “Don’t Get Above Your Raisin'” and it was written by Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs. I have only heard Don do it a few times, usually with some other country stuff.
    I enjoyed De Roma, we had a great night.

    1. I see that BillN has answered your question. This is not a song that I have ever heard Don do to the best of my knowledge – he certainly didn’t do it at any of the UK shows! Just proves that you can never be sure what you will hear – thanks for posting the video.

  3. Hi vlinder 1562,
    The song you refer to is called “Guess Things Happen That Way” which Don has done on a few shows on this tour. On other reviews it is described as a Johnny Cash song, but Johnny only sang the song. It was written by Cowboy Jack Clement who has been a true giant in Rockabilly music in the USA. I love to hear him sing, he has great style.

    1. Hello Bill N,
      Thanks for the reply. I will listen to songs of Jack Clement.
      Maybe i like him too.
      With the question about his last song i ment the song wich i called “It’s plain to see”. I made an upload of it at you tube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf8FVV1ICpo)
      Do you know the correct tile of this beautiful song Don sang that evening in Antwerpen.

  4. We were very early to get a good seat in the front of the old theatre. The whole day we spend in Antwerpen and had a great time. In the first program sang a young lady called Astronaut for about half an hour. At 9.30 p.m came Do with his band. As always he started with two songs of Buddy, Fools Paradise and Everyday. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5ud86LZw_Y)
    During this concert he kept a very high tempo.
    In a Museum, I guess things happen that way, Very good year were in my opinion remarkable songs.
    Don played a lot of his successful songs in about two hours long. American pie as the last song.
    As extra two more songs: Start all over again and a song i had never heard of. (That’s plain to see, or something like that). Maybe someone can help me by the correct name.
    I would like to thank Don and his band for this unforgettable evening in Antwerpen.

  5. Over the years I have watched Don performing in all kinds of venues, from the Royal Albert Hall to the fantastic New York Town Hall, to a cabaret room at a Casino at Niagara Falls and the big new arenas like the Sage in Gateshead and an open air concert in Turnhout, Belgium attended by 10,000 fans. Also many traditional theatres and I thought I had experienced pretty much everything……until De Roma in Antwerp which gave us a great concert with some real surprises.
    I booked on their Flemish website and was relieved when my tickets arrived but puzzled there were no seat details. It was a 20.30 start and we arrived at the venue at 19.00 to check it out and grab a meal pre-show. As I was looking at the Art Deco styling of the old Cinema-come-Theatre a Belgian chap joined me and said he was there early to queue and I was amazed that seating was on a first-come first-served basis.
    We went to look for a restaurant but the whole area seemed to be populated by immigrants with food offered accordingly. After a search round this run-down district we managed to get some food and got back to the theatre at 19.30 to find a huge crowd spilling out on to and up the street. The doors opened at 19.45 and we got stampeded in only to be refused admission until we checked our jackets in at the foyer to comply with local fire regulations!! The front of the centre stalls was filled by then but we got great seats on the front row of the side stalls. All the locals were bringing in trays of beer and wine in copious quantities and quaffed away determinedly until well past the start time and then the staff came round with trays and collected all the glasses and bottles. All new to me but great entertainment and it was a very happy audience which saw the support act start at 21.00.
    This girl was not introduced but after half an hour of deep dreary songs it was a great relief when Don came on to a great reception and launched into Fools Paradise then Everyday. We got Crossroads and Winterwood and a couple more when Don hit the jackpot with And I Love You So which got a huge ovation which visibly excited and delighted Don McLean.
    Surprisingly he threw in Vincent soon afterwards and this great audience was lapping it up and got a terrific Crying from Don. Surprisingly, in view of the ongoing conflict, he sang Jerusalem with some real passion.
    The very late start meant we had to leave before the end to catch a train back to Brussels. Don was singing It Was A Very Good Year as we left and we may only have missed American Pie.
    My thanks to a great audience for a great night and to the friendly volunteer staff at De Roma, you do a great job at this old venue. Please keep it alive.

  6. Well I was there yesterday in Antwerp. Don was playing in the Roma, an ancient movie-theatre that is renovated.
    It was a full house last night and a very excited public.
    Don played most of his hits and some songs of Elvis and Johnny Cash but I missed some of his best songs like The grave or Dreidel.And of course the show ended with American Pie.

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