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  1. Hi Diane,

    “Since I Don’t Have You” is virtually impossible to sing as Don sang it when he made the recording. I recall Don saying that he devloped a very bad throat and had to stop singing completely for some time, until he recovered. When he did he was surprised to find that he had a completely new voice, better than ever before. He went into the studio and recorded his fantastic version of “Since I Don’t Have You”.
    I doubt we will ever hear it in concert.

  2. Hello Bill, it was nice to read your reviews on both the Antwerp and Brugge concert. I have never heard Don Sing “It Was a Very Good Year” in person, but I fell in love with it when I first heard him sing it on a cd, it just was never a favorite of mine. I also just recently came across a long lost cd where he sang “Since I don’t have you” and just about flipped. That has to top “Crying” in the almost impossible notes to hit department. Anyway, glad you had two wonderful evenings. We have so enjoyed our trips to Brussels, Antwerp and especially Brugge, indeed a lovely town.

  3. What a difference a day makes. The Stadsschouwburg in Bruges is a very grand venue, built in splendid opulence with no concerns about the cost. Built to impress and it is a very impressive theatre, perhaps so impressive that an audience there might feel a little frightened to make too much noise.
    The audience was certainly passive and positively sedate compared to the De Roma Antwerp crowd the night before.
    Predictably there was no bar and the opener started on time. She was Marjan Debaene and she performed for a very impressive 30 minutes,playing guitar very well and singing with great style and verve. Well done Marjan!
    Don opened in a black shirt and blue jeans (please put these shiny things in the bin, they are just not you) and again it was Fools Paradise then Everyday and Left For Dead On The Road Of Love. We got Jerusalem, Winterwood then Have You Seen Me, Headroom and Run Diana Run. Then,as in Antwerp, we got Vincent early in the set, Don relating how he sang the song at the Grammys but lost all 3 awards that night,strangely there was not too much reaction from this passive audience.
    The big surprise of the night was to come when Don said he would sing an environmental song and that 40 years ago he was singing about the environmental disasters which are being trumpeted today as if they were new. The song of course was Tapestry and of course it was special.
    A great rendition of Crying was well received and Don told the story of meeting Ervin Drake who wrote It Was A Very Good Year and song the song beautifully.
    American Pie roused the audience and an encore was required from a happy Don. At the end this shy audience audibly let out a big groan of disappointment that there was no more to come.
    Bruges is one of the loveliest towns in the world and I hugely enjoyed the entire Don McLean experience here.

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