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  1. Hello everybody,

    We attended Don Mcleans show in Groningen last night and we’re still overwhelmed!!!
    Growing up, we always listened to his music because of our mother who is a huge fan. Last night we found out we still know most of his songs by heart. Our mother has stayed at a psychiatric hospital for the past 20 years, she has Korsakov syndrom wich means her short term memory is destroyed. It made last night extra special because it gave my sister and me the chance to really share something with her. For my mother, and us, it was a wish came true. We sat front row and absorbed every minute of a wonderful show. Great musicians and a wonderful, wonderful singer. All thise wonderful songs from our youth and a mother who was more happy than we’ve seen her in the past 20 years. To the musicians and ofcourse to Don Mclean: thank you, thank you, thank you and please…. Come back to Holland! Kind regards, Jeanine Zaal

  2. This why there are troubadours I like Bob dylan and leonard cohen and Don is such as these artist only bob and leonard are huge artist and don is always more himself was a very nice and great show.
    Maybe or hope soon or later he will come back.
    Don Thanks for the evening at Groningen.

  3. Was very happy to be there and enjoyed it!! (there was no need to have Jo Harman first; we could have done without her for Don played a full 2 hours without a break). His voice can’t reach as far as it used to but it didn’t matter.
    I’ve seen Don in 1982 and 1987 and always was and still am a big fan!. I liked it best when he explained about the ukelele and then got his first guitar and played that song alone with some words by Shakespeare – that song and from then on it was really good.

    1. Hi Sheila, Ik weet niet of dit over komt maar ik ben een oude vriendin van je zus Petra Heb zojuist vernomen dat ze in de zomer van 2010 is overleden Klopt dit?? Zou graag in kontact treden met je hierover Dank je Anne marie

  4. Wonderful show! We didn’t know what to expect, because we never saw Don Mclean live before. We were surprised and very excited! Don still has a great voice and his songs are timeless. We loved the musicians, who were getting more enthousiastic during the show. Have a good flight back to the States! Love Boukje and Maud

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