Don’s last night in Brighton

Annie says:

Just wanted to say what an amazing tour it has been.Sounds like nearly everyone who has seen Don has come away having had a wonderful time.I hope Don and his “boys ” have enjoyed the audiences too. Thanks to John his tour manager a real gentleman, the driver[s] of the tour bus that have transported them safely around . And now sadly many of us are getting ready to travel to Brighton to our last concert. Anyone going? If you are cheer and clap as loud as you can Don says he loves standing ovations and the more you clap the more he gives,be sure that give him a fabulous night too and wish them all a safe journey home. I have so much respect for Don and his band who continue to travel such a long way to give us all a great show every time. Looking forward to meeting up so many of you . With love and thanks to Don and the “boys” from Annie xx


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  1. David W I think “we all ” did give Don and the band enthusiastic encouragement Thanks. I’m still on cloud 9 and just arrived home after a 6 hour train journey it was worth every moment. Will write a proper review when I come down off Cloud 9 .

  2. What a great concert in Brighton last night! We were treated to a fine mixture of the familiar and the less familiar, in varying styles. Although each of the band musicians was very accomplished and added to that variety, it was lovely to hear the songs that involved just Don and his guitar. I hope the audience provided the enthusiastic encouragement that Annie and Bill H requested on this page – I think we did! Best wishes to the whole team for the journey home. Thanks for coming to Brighton and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Well said Annie.

    Even with the 8 UK dates in 13 days I attended in October I was pretty tired by the end. Don and the tour party have then gone on to travel extensively in Ireland and Europe for close to another 3 weeks! I know by now they must all be thinking of getting home for Thanksgiving and who can blame them.

    It has been great however to know during that time that we still had one more show to look forward to in the UK, and I know we will get a great performance in Brighton. I hope that we in turn can give the performers the send-off they deserve.

    Thanks to everyone involved in the tour, not just Don and the band but John the tour manager, the sound guys, the bus drivers, and not forgetting Mairead who provided such a great opening to each UK show. Thanks also to Alan for re-opening this site to allow us to hear comments from around Europe.

    Look forward to seeing everyone for the last hurrah tomorrow night!

    1. I too am very much looking forward to tonight’s performance in Brighton. Don’s American Pie album was (in effect) the soundtrack for my weeks of revision for degree exams in 1972. Whether my results would have been better or worse without that accompaniment, I will never know… See you tonight!

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