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  1. I could see him in the wings waiting for that announcement , the excitement for me was palpable and then he was there, a relaxed smiling Don came on to the stage in Brighton looking well after a month’s tour and sang Fool Paradise, just lovely, as he says no show is the same. Many of the audience stood as he came on to stage another standing ovation Don we know you love it! A guy came up to the stage after the show to ask the crew for a set list, he was surprised to find there wasn’t one. I’ve never known Don with a set list which I find quite amazing even now.
    It’s taken me a week to get as far as writing anything down just been on Cloud 9 even after a 5 hour journey each way and that wasn’t as far as a couple from West Ireland who flew in especially for Don. He has a very dedicated fan base but only because he’s so brilliant and worth it. I have slowly floated down from Cloud 8 after seeing Don perform its a feeling I so wish I could bottle!. There is something quite magical seeing Don perform the way he slides from one song to another, the way he catches your breath with some songs , the way he raises your emotions because he puts so much of himself in to each song.
    The highlights for me although hard to pick were True Love Ways, those low notes he reaches just beautiful and then Tapestry what a beautiful powerful and emotive song after all these years and still sadly so true and Bill got his wish too .
    After the concert an appreciative group of fans were rewarded after waiting to see Don and the band. A chat with Tony, Vip, Jerry and David all who told us they had had a great tour but were happy to be going home for Thanksgiving .
    Don signed everything that was asked for, had photographs with anyone who asked and then chatted with us all about the tour, told us he hopes to be back next year [ that’s what we all wanted to hear ] .For me it was a kiss, a red rose and a thank you from me and I was very happy but sad that they were going .
    Thanks you so much to Don, another fabulous tour, the talented “boys”,
    his manager and the driver, who knew us all by now !
    I wish Miraed every success in her solos career I hope she goes far she certainly has a very beautiful voice ..
    With that a group of us [you all know who you are and thanks for putting up with a very excited Annie! ] we retired to a nearby bar and chatted about all the different Don concerts we had attended on this tour what had been the best for each of us and with BillN’s iPad we were still able to listen to Don , pure bliss until the next time… saving already !

    1. Annie, I always enjoy your posts. I do hope we get to meet some day. Now that Don is back in the States, we hope to see him before too long. I would love to see him in New York, but the expense of it all is staggering in that City.

      Now, you should know that Foyle’s War is our very favorite tv series, we have watched it more times than I care to tell you. Is there any similarity between the show’s Brighton and the real one or are the outdoor scenes the real thing ?

  2. We have followed Don Mclean since 1969, catching him for at least one performance on each of his tours since then. We are aging groupies you could say. The voice is rich and warm and mellow now. The poetry never fails to move and astonish, as it did in the beginning. He has a knack of making his audience feel connected, affected. The accompanying band feels slightly superfluous at times and is loud – too loud. The voice and the words are what we want to hear. Mr McLean your genious never fails to entrance, and to make us think again……..Thank you.

  3. It has been a good many years since I last saw Don McLean live and I can’t recall seeing him with a full band. So Brighton, the last night of his 2012 tour, was approached not with trepidation but no great expectations. As it turned out it was a warm, fun show with the old Dome crackling as the energy crackled from stage to audience and vice versa. Well paced show and I’d forgetten just how good some of his songs are; Tapestry, Empty Chairs, Homeless Brother etc – although would have loved to have heard Crossroads and The Pride Parade. All in all, great fun and thanks. Well worth spending the money on a ticket rather than drink and drugs!

  4. Saw Don at Brighton 20th Nov, the third time on his tour, after seeing him at RHA and Basingstoke. Don was relaxed, happy and in fine form, once again playing all the old favourites and a number of songs that were different from previous concerts…I reckon if you see three of Don’s concerts, you will get to hear all your own personal favourites. The couple that sat next to us were experiencing Don in concert for the first time, and were not disappointed, they thought he was brilliant. That always makes me feel better for Don himself as he always steps up to the mark in every concert he does.

    I finally heard him him sing Tapestry and I can’t recall him singing that before in about a dozen concerts I have heard him here and in Australia ( Perth ). I think it’s a difficult song now for him to sing, but he made a great job of it and it took me back 40 years to the first album I bought of Don’s – Tapestry!

    He said at The Albert hall that he wonders how long he can keep doing this and at 67 I thought the same…I wondered if when Don walked off last night that would be the last time I see him perform but I really hope not, for when Don stops touring or retires, then for me and thousands of other fans that will be the day the music really dies.

  5. A real pleasure to see Don in such great form in Brighton. And what a treat to hear him play Tapestry again, as well as my all time favourite Empty Chairs. He truly deserved the standing ovation that lasted right through the encore of American Pie. Come again soon Don!

  6. What a great concert last night in Brighton, my third on this tour, and for me the best, Don was clearly enjoying the sound and the warmth of the audience that came to see him and clearly could have played all night !, having seen Don since the 70s you clearly know when he is happy with very aspect of his performance, this was one of those nights, thank you Don .

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