Jackie McLean and Shawn Strack

Update: Jackie and Shawn are expecting their first child in March 2014

Don’s daughter, Jackie, married Shawn Strack on June 30th 2013 in Camden, ME. Full coverage in the New York Times:



Don told us recently that “my daughter has just written a novel and she’s also written a play and she’s a wonderful singer and she’s got a very nice fiancé that we like very much. He’s a teacher and my daughter is doing substitute teaching and she’s very happy, she’s got a wonderful little dog. And so we’re very happy for her and she’s happy and we take it one day at a time and we’ll see what happens but we like her fiancé a lot and we’re going to have her wedding here, June 30th . There are so many partners that she could have chosen which I wouldn’t have liked because it’s very easy for that to happen and she chose somebody I like quite a bit. He’s very sincere and hard working with a good job.”


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  1. Since the posting of Don’s daughter Jackie’s wedding mentioned that they were expecting their first child in March, 2014, has the happy day arrived yet? Would it be appropriate to ask a few details about Don’s first grandchild?

  2. September 12, 2013
    Don, Patricia [spelling?], Jackie and Shawn,
    Congratulations on your August 2013 wedding celebration. I am happy for you.
    My late wife, Maxine Wanko DeLong; went home to be with Jesus on December 25, 2008, and I knew Don in his early years as the Hudson River Troubadour and a member of the original Clearwater Crew. Don performed a concert at Adirondack Community College on Saturday, October 12, 1968 that I was not able to attend as I was stationed at Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma.
    Maxine and I were supporters of the Hudson River Sloop Association and were involved in the Pick’n & Sing’n Gathering in Voorheesville, NY with Andy and Bill Spence. We also went to Café Lena for many years. Maxine and I used to present an Adirondack Christmas program that combined both Adirondack and Appalachian songs and stories that we collected. Max has worked for Bob Beers and the Beers Family in Fox Hollow, NY. She and I met on the Clearwater in the summer of 1972 after my discharge from the Air Force. She played a Martin 00-18 guitar, Mt. Dulcimer and Autoharp. I play on occasion with a Martin 000-28F, D-18VMS and a Bourgeois Country Boy Delux Guitar; Dana Bouregois in Lewiston, ME. I have an extra long-neck Vega with a Whyte Ladie pot and rim, and a custom made 5 string banjo with a large Tub-a-phone pot and rim, with a custom made neck by Gary Creed, Sr. in Virginia.
    I have been to Camden, ME in years. I still have from Gordon Bok on occasion and believe that he still lives in Camden.
    My wife, Jean, from Virginia and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary this day, Sept. 12th.
    Anyway, just wanted to share my joy in your daughter’s wedding and family celebration.
    God bless you all.
    Joe DeLong

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