New Album in production (and a duet with Judy Collins)

Don McLean has completed recording a brand new album featuring 12 new songs and two bonus tracks. The CD is currently in post-production and will be accompanied by a DVD filmed during the live recording sessions for the album. Details on release will be forthcoming.

Don McLean has also recorded a duet version of  “Send in the Clowns” with Judy Collins and this will also be released in the near future.


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  1. Anyone have any ideas about these newspaper reports on Don being in trouble for domestic problems? Personally I think they are making a mountain out of a molehill because of who he is, and sell more papers.

    1. I think the answer to this is it is none of our business – and not for any of us to speculate on – in the end its a personal matter that should remain that way .

      1. I am glad you see it that way, we know nothing about the situation. Although I can forsee some pretty nasty remarks being posted elsewhere.

        1. Updates sound like the situation could be serious. No making judgements, but very sad if so, and I hope this can have some kind of positive resolution that addresses whatever may need to be addressed.

          Don McLean has been my favorite singer since I was 16 in the mid-1970s. Many of the comments I’ve read in the past year or so from him have seemed sad and dark. That always makes me so sad, when I read about a celebrity who brings so much joy to others doesn’t seem to get joy out of him himself/herself. His songs and his voice always touch my heart. My favorite is “Vincent (Starry Starry Night)” … a song by my favorite singer about my favorite artist and my favorite painting … but the song I play most is :Crossroads.” I don’t usually pay much attention to the personal lives of celebrities, but I do wish them well and want them to be happy. And singer-songwriters are the celebrities that I think have the most potential to touch our hearts, because they write and sing songs from their own hearts.

        2. Hi Laurie, please, please could you update me on these latest dreadful sounding reports on Don, being in the UK I can only catch snippets and I basically know very little although I have been on various sites constantly since the news broke on Monday to try and find out . And I am steadfastly fighting his corner at every opportunity , and will continue to, regardless. I have heard several interviews of his over the last few months but he always sounded happy and relaxed, and seemed his usual self at his concert here in May, and I was close to the stage , however at his birthday one in October I was in direct line to him just a few seats back, and I did feel something wasn’t quite right. Also this trouble over the non release of the album is concerning. He has done so much for me throughout my life, he’s been my inspiration with my poetry, I now have some published, he’s, well too long a list to bore you with, and to have that power, for want of a better word, over the life of someone he’s never met surely speaks for itself, and I am not the only one, as you know yourself. So, please if you don’t mind, reply with any information you have. Thank you Sue.

      2. Well said, Robert. And for those waiting to cast shadows on his character and accomplishments, I suggest they ask themselves this: when was the last time YOU had a personal problem and woke up to find it splashed all over the news and internet, along with your mug shot? We all have our crosses to bear, but we typically don’t find them exposed to millions of people in minutes for all to judge, as celebrities do. I’m not envious of this aspect of their lives one bit!

  2. Regarding Don’s new album Botanical Gardens, I have been trying to buy it since last August, which I read was the release date, but no matter where I have looked on an almost daily basis nowhere seems to stock it, can anyone on here enlighten me on what has happened, has it been withdrawn for some reason?

    1. When I asked Don how the album was coming on when he was in Limerick in September he told me that the deal he had with a record company to release it had fallen through. Whilst he didn’t say so in so many words, I got the feeling that it wasn’t likely to emerge any time soon. I like the material I have heard so far so I hope I am wrong. I think someone told me there were 13 tracks in total so there are still quite a few that Don hasn’t performed in concert.

      1. Thank you Bill, I have been asking anyone who may know but without success. I did wonder if there was a problem, hopefully Don will find a way around the problem, as you say it’s a really good album and I have been looking forward to hearing it in full. I envy you so much actually being able to talk to Don, I think I may have seen his tour bus in the car park at the front of the Croyden concert on his 70th Birthday, as we came out afterwards, but as it was dark all I could really see was a large dark coloured coach, parked next to our taxi, do you think it could have been? One last question, I apologise for being a bother, have you any idea if he may come over here again this year, I haven’t heard anything as yet. Thank you Sue.

        1. There were actually two buses parked up at Croydon but the tour bus which was lime green was parked around the back near the stage door and was not visible from the front of the theatre. A few of us were lucky enough to get backstage at Croydon although Don was keeping it very low key and you would never have known it was his 70th birthday! I don’t even think he or the band ate any of the cake though I cut a few slices off (I was told that I could!) Don did also speak to a number of fans at the stage door as he did after almost all the shows.

          As to UK dates this year, he did mention the possibility of some festival dates in the summer though I have known him say that before and nothing materialise – I don’t think he likes giving an outright no! To be honest, we were so lucky with the two part tour last year I would be surprised if there was anything. The main 2016 tour is in Australia in March.

        2. Ah that’s a shame I had hoped it was his bus I saw, I would have so loved to have gone to the stage door, but again the opportunity wasn’t there.
          Wow lucky to get some of his cake, I saw him scoop up some on his finger on stage, so at least he tasted it. Yes, I hadn’t expected to be so lucky again this year, but next year is so far away, and he may not come over then if he’s too busy. But I will keep hoping. Have you read this awful accusation Don is facing, I have just seen it, and refuse to believe it.

        3. I don’t know Susan. Rather more important events have overtaken us. No doubt we will find out in due course.

        4. May I just ask you Bill, the Croydon concert was filmed, Don mentioned YouTube do you have any information on this, at all I would love to relive it all again.

  3. Hi Louanne, How I envy you living in such a beautiful area, I visit many times courtesy of the iPad. I have worshiped Don for forty three years now, I know it’s ridiculous but you can’t help who you fall for.
    To be living so close to him as you are , see what he sees well I would give up everything.
    I have watched his video of the song , his voice never ages does it! Makes one wonder what the mans life really was like.

  4. So excited to know that Don is not only writing and producing but doing it so wonderfully well. Especially love the “Waving Main” song. I live in Camden and have experienced this gentleman’s wave, “hello or good bye”

  5. Wonderful to know Don decided to carry on writing and recording, my world would stop turning if he stopped writing. Very intriguing title for the album, My thanks to Don, I shall await the release with baited breath. Sue.

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