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  1. I have 2 sons 21 and 17 and they are big fans in Massachusetts , I will have to say I was not familiar with most of your songs but I am now….. beautiful .

  2. You have a rare, rare gift of insight for “songtelling”. Please come to Louisville KY with your talent. Thank you for sharing with the world….

  3. My husband and I just saw Mr McLean (for the first time) at the City Winery in Atlanta. The man is a musical genius. He brought me to tears with , “And I Love You So” . His rendition of “Crying” was outstanding. He engaged with the audience, telling stories and jokes. Performed songs from his new album, “Botanical Gardens” (that were all great) that I am definitely going to buy. Just a magnificent concert all around! Thank you for a very special evening, Mr McLean. One we will never forget. We love you!!

  4. Hey there Don, Orange County In Southern California is waiting for your next visit. Can you make a special visit for your #1 Fan?

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