Readers’ reviews

Readers’ comments from the Don McLean forum:

Well, I read the new book … pretty interesting stuff. A lot about the early years and family background. A lot about the first record deal, Herb, producers and industry of course. On a scale of one to ten, it’s a solid 8. Alan did a good job stuffing that big story into 400 pages.

I would have loved to see a lot more pictures, more info about what kind of guitars were used for different songs, etc. I liked reading about Don’s thought process about the banjo and why he quite playing it. I was also surprised about the long period of depression described, actually referred to as a “nervous breakdown.”

Was also surprised about Ed Freeman not being impressed with Don’s guitar playing or finger picking style and how Don pretty much demanded that he be the player on his records.

It snowed this weekend we’re I live, so I’m making a big pot of organic coffee and I plan on re-reading it in front of my fireplace. It certainly made me respect the man even more.


Hi.I finished it as well the other night.

Overall I thought it was very well done.

I find it interesting that while there are many different episodes recounted, they mostly seem to underscore what Don’s wife had to say about him (and what I always suspected of him).

He enjoys nice things but doesn’t need or expect them. When he’s workin he’s workin and when he’s not he’s not.

Thanks Alan for a terrific job. Very enjoyable.


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