Dublin Monday Night

Nessa writes:

This was my first time seeing Don live. I started listening to him ten years ago when I was 14. I was really looking forward to it and it was more than I’d hoped for. It took my breath away from the first song and by the second, And I Love You So, I was almost crying. I couldn’t believe how much it affected me! The whole show just blew me away, all of Oxegen was no-where near as good. I can’t wait till he comes back.


Why Not England 2

Alan Griffey writes:

I agree Why Not England?  About 7 years ago you visited

Torquay, Devon, England (The ERC).  I didn’t go to see you. 
I won’t make that mistake again.  Keep writing great un-
pretentious songs, with sweet melodies…
I wrote a web-site recently:
In ‘another place’ they’re raving about, or
rogering Dylan.  But I suggest Don Mclean’s
‘American Pie’ is a greater folk/rock anthem
than ‘Like A Rolling Stone’, great though the
second one is.  The first is pathos and light,
while the second is pathos and dark.

Three magical concerts-Dublin and Glasgow

carolyn and dave marshall writes:

Don has been my idol since the early seventies.My husband and i have been to  so many concerts over the years and the three we went to in August (one in Glasgow,two in Dublin)were, as usual magical and superb.All the songs were sung with heart and soul,my personal favourites are ballads (don’t they just send a shiver down your spine)especially Empty Chairs Vincent and Crossroads.Please release If You Could Read My Mind i’m sure this would be a massive hit.The band were, as usual, on top form- all are such excellent musicians.I was lucky enough to get a poster which Don signed for me and which now has pride of place on my wall!

Thank you Don for giving us so much pleasure.

Magic in Dublin

Ann Baker writes:

As always, I come away from a Don McLean concert feeling that he was singing to only me…… I have been going to see him since his early days here in Dublin when he was only one of few who visited here due to lack of concert halls and he was always on in the National Stadium. I miss his banjo playing though…. please next time bring it with you….I was also kissed by him when I was 20 years of age as I was getting married and my pals somehow arranged for me to meet him back stage in the Stadium, and, I still have the programme he signed for me then….