Don: I’d like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I want to give special thanks to people like David New, Jim Monaghan, and Ron Buck – who wrote those beautiful pages in the biography – and to all my fans who have been so supportive including the usual gang, people like Bill Nisbett, […]


We are organising another interview session with Don McLean whereby fans may post a question and stand a good chance that Don will reply. The interview will be completed and available online before Christmas. If you would like to ask Don McLean a question about his career or future plans then please send an email […]

Questions posed by fans of Don McLean: Carolyn: Having toured the UK since the early seventies what do you like most about our country? Don: I like the civility of the people, I like the architecture and I like the countryside. Carolyn: Do you have a favourite concert hall and out of all the songs […]


October 1991 was an exciting time for all UK fans of Don McLean as he had just released American Pie as a CD single (also containing Vincent and Castles in the Air). At the time this interview was broadcast the single was at No 45 in the charts; it soon climbed to the top-10 with […]

Taken from the teenage girl magazine ‘Jackie’, September 9th 1972 Who would you like to chat to for half an hour? Linda Mathew of Doncaster (England) chose Don McLean Linda – Where were you born and raised? Don – Born 26 years ago in New Rochelle, a small suburb of New York City. I went […]